Wanstor have specialised in virtualised and hosted environments since the company was founded in 2002. Our staff have expertise in the hardware technologies (server hardware, storage area networks, switches, routers) and software technologies required to build the infrastructure to host customer systems. As a result of our expertise we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider, HP Gold and Preferred Partner and Cisco Partner.

James Braithwaite
“Wanstor can help your business improve efficiency and flexibility, with a range of secure hosted services”
James Braithwaite, Senior Solutions Analyst

Hosted email

We offer hosted Microsoft Exchange email, enabling business users to access their email, calendar and contacts from anywhere and at any time in the world. Hosted Exchange reduces costs, with no need to invest in servers, storage, backup, racks, software licensing or staff to manage your email service.

Hosted desktop

Wanstor's range of virtual desktop solutions allow your employees to quickly and securely access their office desktop over the network. A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data used is hosted at Wanstor's data centres. You access your hosted desktop securely over an internet connection from anywhere in the world via an existing PC, laptop, mobile phone or thin client.

Hosted servers

Our hosted server solution is the smart way to safely move your key back-office infrastructure off-site. Built across multiple VMware servers with data striped across multiple high performance SANs, Wanstor removes the single points of failure. Multiple enterprise level Cisco firewalls protect your system, with further protection built in at the application layer. A private cloud provides the best of both cloud computing and managed hosting and dramatically simplifies off-site hosting.

Online backup

The loss or theft of a computer can be a major problem, but the loss of data can make matters far worse. When this happens, it's good to know that you can restore your business-critical files quickly. Wanstor's online backup ensures your data is stored off-site, ready to get you back up and running quickly in any location, with complete system coverage across operating systems, applications and vital business data.

Business website hosting

Wanstor offers premium managed web hosting solutions tailored to our individual customers' needs, with scalable solutions from shared to highest-availability dedicated servers in our resilient, high bandwidth data centres.