Data Storage Audit

Managing your data storage can be one of your biggest IT challenges, especially at a time when the amount of data that you are creating as an organisation is growing rapidly.

Our data storage audit service will give you an independent view of your current storage solution and provide you with advice as to how it can best be managed and improved to your advantage.

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Data Storage Planning

It is imperiative that you have a plan in place that identifies how much data storage you need in the short, medium and long term, as well as your optimal storage types and most favourable data storage locations.

With the growth in the amount of data you generate, your data storage infrastructure planning and subsequent decisions are incredibly important.

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Data Storage Design

We will work closely with you to design your business specific data storage solution to ensure that it is both cost effective and easy to manage.

The design of your data storage solution can have a huge impact on your organisational performance, especially if it has any single points of weakness.

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Data Storage Installation

Engage with our data storage team in order to ensure that your new data storage solution is installed according to the vendor specification, getting you operational quickly and ensuring the long term reliability of your data storage solution.

Our team have proven skills built up over many years delivering solutions from a multitude of leading vendors, helping ensure that your get the most out of your data storage investment.

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Data Storage Health Check

As your data is so critical to your organisation and is one of your biggest assets, it is vital that your data storage solution is running optimally.

Our data storage health check will provide you with an objective, deep analysis of your existing data storage solution. That will help you ensure that your storage infrastructure is running efficiently and is performing as you need it to.

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Data Storage Remote Monitoring

Enjoy minimal disruption to your business operations by having us proactively monitor all of your data storage infrastructure 24x7x365.

We have a dedicated team, the tools and the capacity needed to monitor all of your storage in real time, ready to act as soon as performance or utilisation thresholds are breached.

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Data Storage Support

Our experienced and highly accredited data storage team are available 24x7x365 to support your chosen data storage solution with a broad set of storage support services.

We offer full coverage of all of your data storage equipment, including legacy equipment that the vendors no longer support directly, extending the life of your hardware and increasing the return on your investment.

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Data Storage Migration

Migrating your business critical data is a risky and resource intensive process that is best left to experienced professionals with a proven track record for successful data storage migrations.

We will manage the entire migration process for you, including carrying out comprehensive planning and testing before a successful implementation and subsequent reporting.

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Data Storage Decommissioning

Make sure that you meet all legal and environmental requirements when decommissioing your data storage, ensuring that your sensitive business data is securely handled and destroyed.

Our team will decommission your old IT storage infrastructure, remove it from your site and safely destroy it, taking responsibility for the scrapping in accordance with WEEE directives.

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