At Wanstor we start with an understanding of your business and technical requirements for a wireless network, then work with your IT staff to make sure your architecture, physical sites, and IT operations are ready to support it. Our WiFi services and solutions are based on over 15 years’ experience of installing WiFi networks for businesses across the UK.

At Wanstor some of the common issues we see in our customers WiFi networks include:

  • Poorly planned WiFi services which are not technically and business aligned.
  • The wrong WiFi designs installed without taking into account security measures, performance expectations or the ability to scale the network as the business grows.
  • IT support not in place so when a user has an issue with the network the issues are either ignored or not resolved correctly.
  • Guest access which is not secure, is difficult to manage or does not give the customer the WiFi experience they were looking for.
  • A lack of context awareness across the network, meaning traffic management and control is non-existent and users receive a poor WiFi experience.

Wanstor understands that no two businesses are the same. We offer a range of network services and solutions for businesses who want to improve their WiFi including:

Planning and Design

We work with you to align your business and technical requirements, we help evaluate your current environment, identify areas of risk, highlight opportunities for improvement, and determine next steps for successful WiFi deployments.

Wireless LAN Assessments

We can help to determine the readiness of your network architecture, physical sites, and IT management operations through a series of assessments and reviews to make sure the right WiFi solution for your business is designed, deployed and managed.

Site Surveys

Our WiFi site survey service helps businesses build a solid infrastructure foundation for the wireless network. Our onsite engineers perform tests to measure coverage, interference, signal quality, and the networks ability to adjust to different traffic patterns and devices.

Guest Access

We help you to allow guests, vendors, and partners to access the internet whilst keeping your internal network secure and easy to manage. Additionally we offer businesses access to real time analytics tools and the ability to push offers to customers whist they are at one of your business locations.


We help customers to protect their WiFi from security threats, including Ddos attacks, hacking attempts to internal networks and identify malicious behavior with advice provided on how to deal with these threats.

In Life Management and Support

We offer 24x7 IT support for your wireless network. Additionally our trained engineers will regularly review your WiFi requirements and make recommendations of where you need to upgrade technology or could be reducing costs across your WiFi estate.

Wanstor Business WiFi (WLAN) Service Benefits

Wanstor’s WiFi services help businesses to improve staff productivity, improve customer satisfaction and enable them make money from their WiFi solution by:

  • Improving the reliability, security, and resiliency of wireless networks by identifying any architectural gaps.
  • Helping businesses to identify and plan for necessary infrastructure changes ahead of time, and before they become business critical or affect customer satisfaction.
  • Providing secure mobile access to business applications with a WiFi design that delivers high operational performance, the right bandwidth for different types of traffic and low latency for application delivery.
  • Securely deploying collaboration tools that support high volume applications for a transparent wired and wireless experience.
  • Reducing costs through improved IT efficiency with simplified wired and wireless network operations and in life management.
  • Enhancing your wireless network performance with operational insight, evaluation, and improvement plans.
  • Giving you access to real time analytics so you can see where your customers are in your store, restaurant or buildings and push real time information and offers to them.

For more information about Wanstor’s wireless networking services and solutions please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our networking experts will give you a call back.

Deploy a robust business WiFi service for your business.

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