D&D London have been a pioneer in the use of cloud services, which go back over the 9-years in which they have been working with Wanstor.

During this time, new technologies have evolved that have enabled D&D London to improve their customer’s dining experience, while also improving the efficiency of their operations. The increasing use of WiFi by both service staff and customers, the growing use of online booking systems and cloud based applications for stock and staff management all represent examples of this.

The long operating hours of fine dining restaurants and the need to deliver the very best in customer service demand a reliable, always on 24x7 service and support function for their geographically dispersed, multi-site operations.

As such, D&D London’s new Infrastructure as a Service agreement with Wanstor covers:

  • 24x7 IT Support and 24x7 Network Monitoring for all of their IT Infrastructure. That includes the provision of a full time, onsite technical consultant working alongside the D&D London IT Manager, as well as remote help desk support for over 700 business users across London.
  • The expansion of the scope of IT Support offered to include third party devices and applications, including accounting software, the point of sale application, WiFi, CCTV and specific hospitality applications.
  • The updating and expansion of the existing private wide area network (WAN) that connects all sites securely and prioritises applications and traffic as desired.
  • The sourcing and supply of new hardware across all sites.
  • The hosting and provision of business critical applications from our secure private cloud.
  • Improved management of tablets and smart phones within the organisation.

For D&D London, this has:

  • Made their business more agile, while reducing costs.
  • Freed up their IT Manager from day to day IT issues to instead focus on more important tasks, taking a broader, more strategic view of their IT.
  • Ensured that appropriate resources are always available for ongoing support, new site openings and new projects.
  • Improved the management and support of business critical applications.
  • Allowed for seamless scalability as new properties are added to the portfolio.
  • Delivered all users with a consistent experience from any location using any device, with business specific applications delivered according to business role.
  • Reduced the number of IT contacts that users have to interact with.
  • Maintained the highest possible levels of availability for the network and application services.
  • Maintained the highest levels of security for the network and associated data and include improvements which are relevant to a tightening framework for PCI compliance.

D&D London have grown and expanded over the last 9 years, both in terms of the geography of their operations and the scope of their work. The recent opening of the South Place Hotel and Angelica restaurant in Leeds are examples of this. Wanstor’s support in the opening of new D&D London sites and ability to provide a complete IT Service spanning local area networking, WiFi, wide area networking and Internet access have been an essential part of D&D London’s IT requirements.

Wanstor’s Infrastructure as a Service solution provides a fully hosted and managed IT platform for the D&D London network. With the benefit of a 24x7 support and monitoring team operating from Wanstor’s central London offices and dedicated onsite support from a familiar team.


  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Visibility
  • Increased Security
  • Future Proof Solution
  • Business Efficiencies
We are very pleased to further extend our relationship with D&D London, a leading organisation in the hospitality industry, and are proud to help provide them with the platform that they need to meet their business objectives.

Adam Shaw, Solutions Analyst.

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