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Cloud Audit Service

More and more companies are recognising the value of adopting cloud computing. As changes in business processes, people and systems are required, it is vital that risks are identified and plans put in place to mitigate them.

A cloud strategy backed by a Cloud Audit will help you recognise the compelling benefits of adopting cloud computing, while managing any associated risk.

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Cloud Strategy Service

If executed correctly, adopting the cloud can pave the way for significant cost savings, optimised business processes and improved controls for your business. Having a robust Cloud Strategy is vital to achieve this.

Wanstor has recognised the value of working to an agreed cloud strategy and is committed to helping you take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing if you could benefit from such a strategy.

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Cloud Migration Service

Cloud computing presents you with a substantial opportunity to reduce your costs and improve your services.

Building on our Cloud Audit and Cloud Strategy services, our Cloud Migration service provides you with full planning, support and technical implementation to help you migrate to a cloud computing model.

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Private Cloud Service

The fully managed Wanstor Private Cloud provides you with a proven, secure and uncontended cloud infrastructure service.

That allows you enjoy all of the benefits of cloud computing on a dedicated platform with enhanced business security, all managed on your behalf by Wanstor.

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Hybrid Cloud Service

Wanstor can provide you with flexible and reliable Hybrid Cloud Services, where you move your business into the cloud in a way that suits your specific business requirements.

Hybrid Cloud allows you to distribute your data and services across multiple cloud services, with varying levels of security controls in place, optimising your costs whilst providing appropriate access to your data assets.

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Cloud Application Hosting Service

Wanstor deliver your fully integrated and configured applications on a cost per user basis from our highly available, highly secure cloud infrastructure.

This enables you to better align your IT costs back to your business by utilising a true cloud utility model to consume your key applications, while giving you the flexibility to scale as needed.

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Cloud Storage Service

Store your business critical data in our fully supported, secure and flexible cloud storage platform.

Wanstor's cloud storage will provide you with scalable, fully managed and cost effective storage for all of your organisational needs. By adopting our cloud storage, you will quickly and effectively improve your application performance, your data availability and your overall business resilience.

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Cloud Online Backup Service

A fast, secure and easy way to back up your data and digital assets off site, without the cost, complexity and worry of managing your own infrastructure.

Wanstor have an optimised backup solution that uses innovative technologies as an effective and seamless way to establish your off site backup, without you needing to manage, back-up jobs, storage or change tapes.

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Cloud Disaster Recovery Service

Wanstor's Cloud Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service is a cost-effective way of reliably recovering your business critical applications and data in the event of a disaster.

The use of our Cloud Disaster Recovery Service will speed up your recovery time, lower your risk and lower your capital expenditure, while still providing you with an enterprise class, secure and flexible service.

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Take advantage of Wanstor's robust Cloud Computing Services for your business.

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