Choosing and procuring the right server technology for your business is just the beginning. Businesses also need to make sure effective asset tagging, configuration, deployment and disposal processes are in place. As the server market has matured Wanstor has seen some of its customers buying what they think is cut-price server technology from a variety of vendors, unaware that these great deals can often be a distortion of the real price they will pay in terms of implementation and ongoing maintenance costs.

The main challenges Wanstor sees in its customers across server technologies are:

  • Companies looking to deploy a converged or hyper-converged IT infrastructure, but are struggling to do so due to legacy systems, hardware and IT operations not being aligned.
  • Businesses looking to increase the flexibility of their IT infrastructure to keep up with demand, as more and more services require applications and transactions to happen at a greater rate.
  • Businesses wanting to virtualise or further virtualise their IT infrastructure but their server and storage technology is holding them back.
  • New services and workloads needing to be deployed on demand so businesses can serve customers through online channels, and give staff access to applications when and where they need them.
  • Server technology costing a significant amount to run on a day to day basis as it requires extra administration support, space and runs inefficiently in terms of power and heat control.

Wanstor can help your business choose the right server technologies, deploy it and manage it. We understand no two businesses are the same, so offer a range of server technology solutions and services including:

Product Selection

We work closely with all the major server vendors in the UK. We can help your business select and test the right server technology, and make sure products are fit for purpose before they are deployed.

Roadmap Management

Our multi-vendor, cross technology roadmap service makes sure your business has early visibility of server technologies which are being released by the key vendors. This enables technical, commercial and vendor reviews to be undertaken so informed decisions can be made.


We provide transparent, objective and comprehensive market analysis, vendor comparisons and component-level reviews. So your business can objectively choose the right server technology.

Service Governance

We can help your business put in place governance which measures service performance, enables vendor reviews and makes sure server technology is aligned with existing IT service strategies.

Configuration and Asset Tagging

We offer pre-configuration and asset tagging of system hardware. Additionally we can make sure all products are asset tagged prior to deployment in accordance with your IT standards and can provide you with an up to date asset register for all new products so you can track their performance easily.

Build Management

Our Build Management Service is designed to enhance your existing in-house capabilities. Our Configuration Centre offers remote build access to facilitate pre-building of hardware with personalisation of assets prior to deployment.


We enable businesses to maximise the lifespan and value of redundant server assets either through redeployment of existing assets or recycling in accordance with environmental legislation. Asset disposal is undertaken either on site or at our secure configuration centre.

Wanstor Data Centre Server Benefits

By partnering with Wanstor for server technology procurement and management, businesses can benefit from:

  • Improved IT Operations: Quality server technology deployments and management means greater control over IT operations, and improved reliability around applications that are crucial to business success.
  • Uncompromising Efficiency: By working with Wanstor to choose the right server technology for your business, you can leverage the vital efficiency benefits to keep your costs down and your time-to-production short through fewer systems needed for the same workloads, award winning cooling solutions and power supply units with 96% efficiency.
  • Better Business Agility: With greater agility in your day-to-day IT operation, you can turn IT faster into a business advantage. Wanstor’s server solutions reduce complexity, effort and cost in maintenance, deployment and control, improve project delivery times and enhance the availability of applications and services to customers and users.
  • Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure: With the right integration, you can cut operational costs and complexity, accelerate your time-to-operation and deliver of transformative change to your IT. Wanstor server solutions also include security as standard, and the option of data centre optimisation services to help you improve the TCO of server technology across your estate.

For more information about Wanstor’s server solutions please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our data centre experts will give you a call back.

Deploy and manage the right servers for your business.

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