Choosing and procuring the right data storage technology is just the beginning. Many businesses think all data storage technology is the same and is interoperable with the rest of its IT infrastructure. At Wanstor we know this is not the case and data storage technology procurements and deployments need to be designed with business requirements in mind. At Wanstor the main data storage problems we see in customers include:

  • Poorly Performing Architecture: Poor application performance leading to users experiencing data delays and a negative computing experience. As businesses now rely on data more than ever before, many existing storage systems are not able to cope with the increased number of transactions and user expectations put on them.
  • Lack of System Interoperability: Replication of data from one data storage technology to another is difficult and extremely time consuming for system administrators leading to higher IT operating costs.
  • Data Storage service levels not aligned to the business: This is usually due to storage being seen as event led and managed in silos. Usually several different storage technologies are in use making automation difficult to achieve between systems.
  • Storage and IT operating costs out of control: Old data centres and storage technologies like tape are notoriously inefficient in terms of the amount of staff time, power, heating, cooling they need. Many businesses just stick with the data storage technology they have without realising how much money they could be saving if they invested in flash and upgraded.
  • Business Continuity: Many businesses rely on old tape technology for data storage. Tape is a cheap solution but if it is damaged data can be extremely difficult to retrieve. Additionally many businesses do not factor this into their disaster recovery plans and only realise how inflexible tape data storage technology is when an actual disaster happens.

To help businesses overcome their data storage issues, Wanstor provides a range of services including:

Product Selection

We work closely with all the major storage vendors in the UK. We can help your business select and test the right data storage technology, and make sure products are fit for purpose before they are deployed.

Roadmap Management

Our multi-vendor, cross technology roadmap service makes sure your business has early visibility of data storage technologies which are being released by the key vendors. This enables technical, commercial and vendor reviews to be undertaken so informed decisions can be made.


We provide transparent, objective and comprehensive market analysis, vendor comparisons and component-level reviews.

Service Governance

We can help your business put in place governance which measures service performance, enables vendor reviews and makes sure data storage technology which is bought is aligned with existing IT service strategies.

Configuration and Asset Tagging

We offer pre-configuration and asset tagging of system hardware. Additionally we can make sure all products are asset tagged prior to deployment in accordance with your IT standards, and provide you with an up to date asset register so you can track performance easily.

Build Management

Our Build Management Service is designed to enhance your existing in-house capabilities. Our Configuration Centre offers remote build access to facilitate pre-building of hardware with personalisation of assets prior to deployment.


We enable businesses to maximise the lifespan and value of redundant data storage assets either through reharvesting and redeployment of existing assets or recycling in accordance with environmental legislation. Asset disposal is undertaken either on site or at our Configuration Centre.

Wanstor Data Centre Storage Benefits

By partnering with Wanstor for data storage procurement and management, businesses can benefit from:

  • Leading performance architecture: Wanstor can help your business improve interoperability between data storage and existing IT infrastructure. We offer easy and gradual migrations from hybrid storage to all-flash storage solutions.
  • Automated management of service level agreements: System performance can be allocated to application data by simply defining the priority or the response time, meaning your storage technology can easily fit into existing IT SLA’s.
  • Improved business continuity: We offer data mirroring and data replication functions, supporting a simple and transparent failover to avoid planned or unplanned downtime.
  • Flexible data reduction technology: We provide advanced inline data reduction technologies in combination with flexible configuration options.
  • Reduced IT operating costs: Wanstor’s data storage solutions are proven to offer higher IT performance, reduced IT administrator time, and require less space, power and cooling resources. All of these factors combined help businesses to cut IT operational costs.

For more information about Wanstor’s data storage solutions please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our data centre experts will give you a call back.

Remove the cost and complexity from your data storage.

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