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Local Area Networking Services

Wanstor's Local Area Networking (LAN) Service gives you the freedom to focus on your business, whilst ensuring that you have the best local network to act as a solid foundation for all of your activities.

Using the skills, knowledge and experience built up over many years, our network engineers can design a LAN for you that is reliable, scalable and that performs optimally for your needs, both now and in the future.

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Internet Access

Enjoy a wide range of Internet Access and Connectivity options, allowing you to select the best method to meet your particular business needs.

With an increasing dependency on the Internet, you benefit from our fully managed, 24x7 monitored internet connectivity options that give you the flexibility, uptime, resilience and quality of service that you need to excel. Additionally, you can combine services for resiliency or for different sites, all managed by a single point of contact.

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Wide Area Networking Services

Wanstor provides you with agile, flexible, effective and reliable Wide Area Networking (WAN) Services that are designed to form a vital part of your future-proof data infrastructure.

This is especially important as you look to support an ever growing number of users, applications and sites, in addition to the increased usage of technologies such as cloud computing.

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Business WiFi - WLAN Services

Wanstor provides you with secure, robust and scalable business WiFi and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) to cater for your users who are demanding greater mobility in your workplace.

With WiFi fast becoming your user's connectivity mode of choice, your wireless local area network needs to be designed to provide the capacity that you need, reliably and securely.

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Network Security Services

Ensuring that your data and IT systems are secure is vital in today's business environment, especially as networks become more complex and threats become more sophisticated.

At the same time your data is no longer necessarily confined to your local corporate network, with users needing greater levels of flexibility, with cloud based models becoming more popular and integrations with suppliers, partners and customer systems becoming more important.

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Enjoy fast, reliable and secure data infrastructure for your business.

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