As a financial services organisation, you are no doubt facing many of the following challenges:

Big Data Growth

You are generating and have a lot more access to data today than you ever have before. That data holds the potential to be incredibly valuable to your organisation, but the challenge that you are most likely finding is where to securely and cost effectively store and manage all of that data.

By adopting a proven storage solution that consolidates and optimises your storage, ensuring that it is readily accessible when needed, you can confidently get deep insight on your customers, improve your product set, make better decisions and can better service your customer base. That will allow you to differentiate yourself and provide your stakeholders with improved returns.

Data Storage Costs

You are most likely locked into multiple legacy storage solutions that each have a lengthy and complex upgrade cycle. Those legacy storage solutions can quickly drain your resources as you look to manage and support them. Upgrading them can be incredibly expensive, with additional hardware and licensing costs, along with the risk of downtime to your business.

By taking a step back and exploring your data storage options with recognised data storage experts, you will find that you can manage those costs more effectively and introduce a solution that is both fit for purpose now, as well as being able to seamlessly grow with you without any huge licensing surprises.

Demand for Improved Customer Service

With technology fundamentally changing the way people interact with your organisation, it is vital that you have the systems and processes in place to deliver what your customers demand quickly and securely.

Your systems and your customer facing operators need to be able to quickly access all relevant information and provide answers to all queries without delay.

A lot of that performance is driven by your chosen storage solution. A poor storage solution will become a bottleneck that will impact your ability to provide your customers with the instant service that they demand and that will most likely drive them to your competitors.

Stringent Compliance Demands

In our increasingly interconnected world, data protection and data security are becoming more and more important. Specific emphasis has been placed by regulators on financial services organisations such as yours due to the sensitive data that you hold on your customers.

A breach in your security protocols would have a huge impact on you as it would damage your brand's reputation, would be hugely expensive to recover from and could result in fines from the regulator.

With the field of compliance and regulation continually developing, you need to make sure that you have the systems, processes and solutions in place to keep the data you hold secure, backed up and available.

Driving Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Like most organisations, the drive to do more with less is an ongoing challenge. With recent economic events, this has been a particular focus for the financial sector.

If you review your current data storage solution, you will recognise how much it is costing you to maintain, license and support. With the great strides that have been made with modern storage arrays and with the huge advantages a modern storage solution provides, it makes sense to find out whether the benefit on a new solution outweighs the costs of your legacy one.

Modern data storage solutions can significantly reduce your storage costs and help you drive further efficiencies throughout your business.

Taking Advantage of New Technology

Competition in the financial services sector is incredibly fierce, with market consolidation, technological advances and global, 24/7 business environments intensifying the competition for market share and profit. As the demand for innovative products and services continues to increase, time-to-market and brand differentiation have become key factors for success.

Real-time access to critical business information is crucial when you are looking to achieve the agility and speed that you need to remain competitive. Centralised, streamlined systems are essential for success, with the digitisation of your information playing a key role in helping to speed up all of your processes, such as your credit card and mortgage applications, thereby noticeably improving your customer service.

Some of our Financial Services customers include:

PKF Littlejohn Financial Services IT Services and IT Support
Tradex Insurance Financial Services IT Services and IT Support
Lane, Clark and Peacock Financial Services IT Services and IT Support

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Benefits of adopting a modern Data Storage Solution:

  • Improved storage performance.
  • Expanded storage capacity.
  • Reduced data storage costs.
  • Easier management and improved ease of use.
  • Compliance assurance.
  • Optimised storage utilisation.
  • Consolidated storage solutions, with the ability to effortlessly scale.
  • Enhanced and integrated disaster recovery plans.

Finding solutions to your data storage challenges can have a massive impact on the bottom line of your business. By having secure and easy access to analyse your data, you will be able to innovate, differentiate yourself and drive growth in your business.

Our local team of highly accredited storage engineers have a great deal of experience providing financial services organisations like yours with efficient and affordable enterprise class storage to meet your challenges and allow you to excel. Those engineers are then on hand 24x7x365 to support you and ensure that you get the most out of your storage and can deliver on your promises.

Let us simplify your data storage solution.

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