Wanstor are a trusted independent provider of IT infrastructure services to businesses across the UK. We provide our customers with highly available technology platforms and 24x7 IT support. This enables our customers to deliver a great IT experience to their IT users. Essential to our success with customers are our people.

Graduates are crucial to Wanstor as they will be the future leaders of the company and help us deliver an even better service to our customers. At Wanstor we look for graduates with a passion for IT, customer success and a desire to make our business better with unique perspectives. As well as joining a community of likeminded graduates, you’ll be joining a Wanstor employee community committed to its purpose of delivering IT services and solutions that help our customers transform their IT environments.

All of the graduate roles Wanstor offer are underpinned by a high profile, challenging graduate development programme. This provides each graduate employee at every level with tailored learning, based on Wanstor’s best practice thinking. If you enjoy learning new things and you want to continue that journey after university, there’s so much here for you to discover.

We value diversity and inclusion, which is why we invite applications from individuals regardless of background, university and degree course. However, for some specialist roles, we do require a technical or a related degree and we do assess role-related expertise. At Wanstor we hire with the future in mind. We hope you’re as excited about our graduate programmes as we are. Please click on the tabs below to explore further and gain the insights you need ahead of making your application.

If you’re keen to build a rewarding career in Sales, Wanstor will give you the support you need to make a success of it from day one. At Wanstor you can spend time exploring different sales roles, to find the best fit for you. At Wanstor it’s all about making sure you have the best platform for sales success.

What does it involve?

At Wanstor we believe the most important aspect of sales role is the ability to be able to communicate effectively. You will be responsible for identifying the needs of customers so must be able to ask pertinent questions and listen attentively to their IT requirements and business challenges. As a salesperson for Wanstor you will be the main interface between us and the customer.

The skills we look for in our graduates who want to pursue a sales career with us include:

  • Communication: Talking on the phone, meeting new people, managing team members, writing reports and presenting to large groups are all aspects of the job. It is imperative as a Wanstor sales person that you can do all of these things to a high standard and leave customers seriously impressed at all times throughout the sales lifecycle.
  • Organisation: You will be in and out of meetings, catching up with clients for coffee and be up against tight deadlines. Making sure you can work well in a customer focused environment is one of the crucial success factors of a sales role at Wanstor.
  • Project Management: We expect our sales people to successfully orchestrate the relationship between engineers, service designers, commercial, marketing and finance teams to make sure the right messages, solutions and proposals are presented to customers to solve their IT challenges.
  • People Management: In addition to talking to customers you will need to communicate with members of your team and a wide variety of people across the Wanstor and customers organisation whose relationship you are managing.
  • Great Presenter and Negotiator: You will be responsible for securing the contract. It will be your responsibility to deliver a pitch to potential customers to seal the deal.
  • Commercial Understanding: When it comes to bringing new clients on board customers like dealing with people who understand their needs, and preferably the sector in which they operate. You will need to have the desire to become a subject expert in the markets you will be operating in and be able to demonstrate back to customers you understand their IT challenges and can provide services to resolve them.
So what do I need?

Two qualities are absolutely essential to succeed in Sales at Wanstor. First of all you will thrive on building great relationships, and be committed to keeping the customer at the heart of your thinking. Secondly, you will be commercially aware and have the ability to turn relationships into great business, by taking responsibility for delivering results that make a difference for our customers and the Wanstor business. This will take learning about new markets, keeping up to date with technology trends plus tenacity, resilience, and a real drive for results which make a serious difference to our customer’s businesses.

To apply for a graduate sales role at Wanstor please email your CV to

Wanstor’s technical design team works on our biggest and most important customers IT infrastructure. The Wanstor design team, working alongside our customers are responsible for technical design and development of IT solutions covering - Cloud based systems, Virtualisation, Operating systems, Security, Server Architecture, WAN, LAN, voice and telephony. With some of the UK’s most recognisble brands, Wanstor are responsible for developing and designing their IT and communication infrastructures.

Being close to our customer’s means serious responsibilities. Our IT design teams directly impact our customers IT solutions and their businesses. Ranging from critical data systems within high street retail chains to networks in restaurants, our IT designs and the way we deliver them have a huge impact on our customers businesses and the customers they serve.

What does it involve?

You will work across different customer contracts and their IT requirements. You will be involved in developing technical proposals through to delivering technical projects which you have designed specifically for our customers. Wanstor’s customers are constantly looking at ways to improve their businesses and the IT infrastructure which underpins their business operations. This means our IT service and solution design teams are constantly designing and developing their technical estate to allow them to succeed. Customer engagement, technical design, testing and configuration are all major parts of working in this role.

So what do I need?

We will be looking for a STEM degree along with evidence of a technical mind-set and good problem solving skills, you'll need strong judgement and an analytical approach to your work.

In addition, you should have a good working knowledge of IP networks, protocols, datacenters, end user devices and operating systems. You should be comfortable communicating complex concepts to a range of people as well. Specific areas of work to this role will include:

  • IT Infrastructure: Client/Server Architecture, Cloud computing, Virtualisation
  • Datacenter: Co-Location, Migration and Transformation
  • Networking: Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks and WiFi

You’ll have immediate responsibilities in these specialist roles, so you’ll also need strong design and development skills.

To apply for an IT Service and Solution Design graduate role at Wanstor please email your CV to

Are you interested in developing, designing and operating IT infrastructure that enables our customers businesses to succeed?

Would you like to be part of a team that is responsible for turning datacenter, network and cloud concepts into reality?

Wanstor’s IT graduate engineering and support roles cover the full life cycle of service and solution design. You could be involved in advising a customer on a datacenter migration project, configuring a wide range of devices, ensuring the solution which is designed is fit for purpose or implanting new technologies at a customers site. At Wanstor it is all about service and technical excellence and you will be at the heart of this in this role.

What does it involve?

Working alongside specialists in communications, electronics and information technology, you’ll carry out a range of development and integration activities which underpin our customers IT infrastructure and the IT services they provide to their business. You’ll get involved in a range of technologies and your role will be pivotal in transforming our customers businesses.

So what do I need?

We will be looking for a STEM degree along with evidence of a technical mind-set and good problem solving skills, additionally you will need strong judgement and an analytical approach to your work. You should have a good working knowledge of IP networks, protocols, datacenter components, and end user devices with the ability to communicate complex concepts.

You'll have immediate responsibilities in these specialist roles, so you’ll also need to work well on your own and also as part of a team.

To apply for an IT Support and Engineering graduate role at Wanstor please email your CV to

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