Hosted Telephony Services for Charities

Wanstor’s hosted telephony service provides charities with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The hosted telephony solutions Wanstor provides to charities, are easy to manage for the IT team, empower IT administrators with the right telephony management tools, and lets employees manage their calls easily and effectively, maximising user productivity.

Wanstor’s hosted telephony solutions offer your charity a reliable phone system that can scale easily as you grow. We provide full support including training, number porting, provisioning and 24/7 UK-based assistance giving you complete peace of mind. If you don’t already have a PBX in your charity, or your current hardware is no longer meeting your charity’s needs, then hosted telephony could be the right solution.

Wanstor’s hosted telephony solutions are delivered over an IP connection and is suitable for any sized charity. It is particularly effective for charities with multiple sites that need to work together or for charities with large workforces in specific locations.

Some of the common questions we come across when discussing hosted telephony solutions with our charity customers include:

What’s the call quality like? Call quality, as with any communications system, is dependent on the underlying access available. With our Ethernet and Broadband products delivering the service to your locations, you can be assured of great voice quality, underpinned by stringent SLAs.

Does it support management reporting? Do you know how many calls you’re receiving, how these are being handled and by whom? Wanstor’s dedicated hosted telephony management reporting tool, provides a reporting interface with capabilities for real time views of calls, abandon rates, extension and call rates, alarm setting if SLA’s are being missed, and it also highlights any suspicious activity on the telephony network.

How do I streamline my sites telephony usage? At Wanstor we recommend a site survey before we install any hosted telephony solution. It helps to identify exact requirements and enables the IT team to make a purchasing decision based on facts and stats which are real. As a cloud-based telephony platform, a hosted telephony solution lets the IT team dispense with a physical PBX and the associated cost of maintenance, as it only requires the simple installation of on-site handsets.

Does it support real time call understanding? At Wanstor we understand there is a growing requirement for more in-depth call management reporting to help businesses gain a real-time understanding of calls. Wanstor offers a range of management reporting solutions around hosted telephony. This includes data feeds which you can export for real time statistical analysis.

Is it expensive to install? The short answer is no. A hosted telephony solution can be deployed with minimal capital outlay and scaled up as and when required. Meaning your charity only pay’s for the telephony services it needs rather than being left with lines which are never used. By switching to a hosted telephony service provided by Wanstor, charities can immediately benefit from greater flexibility and a more cost-effective cloud phone service. It has also been proven in many customers that a hosted telephony system actually improves employee productivity and customer service delivery with its different features to help manage calls and enhanced reporting capability.

Wanstor Hosted Telephony Service Benefits for Charities

An on-demand telephony service with no hidden costs: As Wanstor will host the telephony service on your behalf, you will only pay for what you need on a simple per-user basis. As you’re not buying a PBX, there’s no major hardware investment and no financing costs to consider.

Lower call costs: Wanstor’s hosted telephony service offers all the cost benefits of IP telephony including free site-to-site calls and cheaper call rates.

Enables flexible working: By having one number assigned to one user it means that user can work from anywhere, on any desk making the business more efficient and the user more productive.

Number choice: Wanstor can offer your business a range of different phone numbers to pick from. No longer are you constrained by location with your telephone number. Or you can keep your existing numbers and just transfer the service across.

Business continuity: Unexpected events such as snow, floods, strikes or utility roadworks won’t disrupt your business. Because a hosted telephony solution sits in the cloud, the service provides business continuity features that allow your business to carry on making and taking calls, whatever the circumstances.

Features you can easily control: A hosted telephony solution by Wanstor puts you in complete control of your phone system and comes with an extensive range of call handling and management features, all operated through an easy-to-use web interface.

For more information about Wanstor’s telephony solutions for charities, please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our telephony experts will give you a call back.

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