To make sure your business remains productive, continues to serve its customers and stays ahead of the competition, Wanstor offers an IT service desk design solution which encompasses:

Capacity Management

We will help you design a service desk solution which helps you to:

  • Manage IT resource performance, so IT services meet relevant SLAs.
  • Review current service capacity vs service performance.
  • Assist with diagnosing different IT incidents and the level of engineer required to resolve.
  • Create a capacity plan which aligns to business budgets and planning cycles.
Availability Management

We can help you select the right tools, infrastructure, processes and people, so your IT department can meet agreed SLA targets. Working with your IT teams we will identify the vital business functions your IT service desk needs to support, and put in place ways of working which are proactive and preventative to make sure your users have an always available IT service.

Security Management

We will make sure any design we put in place has security at the heart of it. At Wanstor we work with all of our customers to make sure their service desk designs include:

  • Information is available and usable when required.
  • Systems are well protected from attacks and can recover from failures/outages.
  • Information is observed by or disclosed to only those who have a right to know.
  • Information is complete, accurate, and protected against unauthorised modification and business transactions.
  • Information exchanges between businesses and different people can be trusted.
IT Service Desk Continuity Management

We will put plans in place which focus on supporting business continuity. For example we will work with your IT team to make sure a business impact analysis is undertaken, that business continuity management processes are in place and the right disaster recovery plan is developed and maintained.

Service Level Management

We will work with your IT department to define, develop, monitor and manage SLA’s which are appropriate to IT and the business, not just IT so your business can serve its customers better, and know IT is helping them achieve their organisational objectives.

Service Catalogue Management

We can make sure an accurate and up to date IT service catalogue is available at all times. The service catalogue we provide your business with will be able to be split into technical and business versions so users, IT departments and business units can choose the services they require from descriptions they understand.

Supplier Management

We understand IT supplier management can be an arduous task for many businesses. Wanstor has over 15 years’ experience in dealing with a range of IT suppliers. This means we are well placed to advise your business on which IT products you need, how to manage the suppliers and how different products from different suppliers work together.

Design Co-Ordination

When designing a “right fit” IT service desk we co-ordinate all resources. For example we plan ahead so the right people are available to help with your service desk design and in life deployment, schedule access to relevant tools and resources when they are required in the planning process, and make sure we are fully responsible for the design phase of the service desk lifecycle when working with you.

Wanstor IT Service Desk Design Benefits

By having the right IT service desk design in place your IT department will benefit from:

  • A service desk solution which meets business needs and expectations both now and in the future.
  • The right SLA’s in place which will help to make the IT service relevant for users, and show where the IT department needs to make an impact.
  • Access to the right management information systems and tools so IT staff can fix problems quicker, be more business relevant and improve user satisfaction rates.
  • A deeper understanding of the technology your IT department needs to support, the types of engineers you need available and the capacity and security management processes you need in place.
  • Measurements and metrics which are relevant not only to the IT team but to the wider business. This visibility will enable operational and cost savings to be made across IT and different business units through opportunities for collaboration and automation.

For more information about Wanstor’s IT Service Desk solutions and how they can help your business please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our IT service desk experts will give you a call back.

Benefit from the right IT Service Desk Design for your business.

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