As technology has a wider role to play in many businesses, IT directors are investigating ways they can save money and improve the service they deliver to their users. For many IT departments this means trying to undertake more tasks with less resources. To free up IT budgets for other more important tasks, many IT departments are outsourcing their administration heavy IT service desk tasks to third party providers. Wanstor have 15 years’ experience of helping to supply IT support services to customers whose business are changing, growing or transforming and need their IT teams focused on other important tasks and strategic projects.

The IT service desk operations we help our customers with include:

Incident Management

We work with your IT department to restore IT performance when it fails or is disrupted. Our support engineers provide help around the following activities: Incident identification, incident logging, incident categorisation, incident prioritisation, initial diagnosis of the incident, escalation paths to level 2 engineers, incident resolution, incident closure and communication with the end user.

Request Fulfilment

We can make it easier for your users to find what they need, cut out confusion and put in place simple repeatable processes which save your IT service desk team time and money. Examples of the request fulfilment services we offer are:

  • Request Fulfilment Support – We can provide and maintain the tools, processes, skills and rules for an effective and efficient handling of service requests.
  • Request Logging and Categorisation - We can record and categorise the service request with appropriate diligence and check the users authorisation to submit the request in order to facilitate swift and effective processing.
  • Request Model Execution – We can put in place best in class processes to help your IT team deal with requests in an agreed time schedule.
  • Request Monitoring and Escalation – We can continuously monitor the processing status of outstanding service requests, and put in place counter measures if service levels are going to be breached.
  • Request Closure and Evaluation – We can submit the request to a final quality control check to make sure the users problem is resolved and will not happen again. Additionally we can analyse service request records to help you plan ahead for future demand around different technologies.
Event Management

In event management, success is being able to detect, communicate, and take the appropriate action for every event that is significant to managing your IT services. Wanstor can help the event team on your IT service desk by:

  • Helping you define the types of events which are significant to your IT and business operations.
  • Notify the service desk team that an event has happened but has not yet been interpreted or correlated to understand the meaning or impact.
  • Detect when events are taking place and notify relevant people in the IT organisation.
  • Filter events according to their importance and use defined rules to determine how significant the events are and what the next steps should be.
  • Put in place event response plans depending on the severity of the event.
  • Close and log the event and the processes associated with it.

Wanstor IT Service Desk Operation Benefits

By using Wanstor to support your IT Service Desk operation your business will benefit from:

  • Lower IT operational costs as Wanstor’s best in class methods and processes for IT service desks can streamline incidents and resolve users problems quickly and effectively.
  • Have improved insight into requests, events and incidents which are causing service desk backlog’s meaning you can put proactive plans and preventative measures in place before SLA’s are breached.
  • Make it easier for users to request the IT services they need through online and other service desk channels making the service desk operation more cost effective to manage.
  • Track trends of incidents to see where problems are occurring with devices, networks and hardware and put plans in place to minimise risk and avoid failures/outages.

For more information about Wanstor’s IT Service Desk solutions and how they can help your business please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our IT service desk experts will give you a call back.

Enjoy a more effective, user friendly IT Service Desk Operation.

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