As a business changes its IT service desk model to respond to users changing IT needs and the different business units it serves, there will be risks around new, changing and retiring IT service models. Wanstor has over 15 years’ experience in IT service desk transitions and can help your business through this difficult phase supporting your people, processes, service strategy, suppliers, and the deployment of new technology. Areas we help IT departments with during a service desk transition include:

IT Service Desk Validation and Testing

We will put in place a change evaluation process and help you plan, design and perform:

  • Utility testing to answer questions around functionality.
  • Warranty testing to help you understand if the service will deliver the required levels of availability, capacity, security, and continuity.
  • Usability testing to give you an insight into how users will react to changes in the IT service and where any restrictions/gaps are likely to be in the user experience model.
  • Contract regulation testing to make sure the service is legal, trustworthy and complies with any laws or regulations.
  • Operational readiness testing to see the staffing and training levels which are required to support the new service desk model.
Service Transition Planning and Support

We can work with your IT team to provide support around:

  • Capacity management to make sure the right people and knowledge is available at all times.
  • Develop schedules so stakeholder engagement is at the right levels and the business is fully informed about the change process.
  • Make sure consistent processes and documentation are used so everyone associated with the project can quickly and easily understand any changes and the impact they may have on the IT department.
  • Monitor progress against objectives and suggest improvements, so you can move quickly and safely through the transition phase to in life management.
Service Asset and Configuration Management

Before any changes happen in the transition phase, we can make sure:

  • All of your IT assets are identified, controlled and properly cared for throughout their transition lifecycle.
  • Undertake reports and audits around your existing services and core infrastructure so you can see where risks and dependencies are.
  • Work closely with the change management team to make sure only authorised technology is used and changes made.
  • Maintain accurate configuration records on the historical, planned and current state of services.
Release and Deployment Management

As you will need new releases of software, hardware and services to make your new IT service desk model work, we can work with you to help mitigate risks around this important area. We can help your business with the creation, testing and deployment of new releases, manage stakeholder expectations around service and updates, and record any poor experiences or risks we find during the process.

Change Evaluation

We can help analyse changes before they move into the next stage of their lifecycle. When evaluating change we can help you:

  • Understand what the change will mean for your IT department, users and business.
  • Evaluate the intended effects of the change and model different scenarios.
  • Help you anticipate any potential risks to service and put action plans in place.
  • Present a recommended roadmap as to when changes should happen and what the impact on the overall transition programme of work will be.
Change Management

We can help your business throughout the change management process from understanding the impact different changes will have on your IT infrastructure and service delivery to helping you have the right people in place to undertake the changes your business requires.

Wanstor IT Service Desk Transition Benefits

By having the right IT service desk transition plan in place your IT department will benefit from:

  • Testing to see if you have the right IT service strategy in place and be able to see any areas which require any extra resources or attention before the service goes live.
  • Analysis of different processes to see if they are efficient and effective at dealing with a range of IT issues the business will face when the service goes live.
  • Gain an in depth understanding of different suppliers involved in the service and how they interact amongst each other, your business and your users.
  • A better governance process in place with changes, assets and configuration all recorded and documented so the IT Management teams know what actions have taken place and what still needs to be worked on.
  • Reduced in life risk around the service as you will be able to test, validate, plan and support different IT services depending on user needs at different times.

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