24x7 Network Monitoring

Wanstor can help to monitor every aspect of your IT infrastructure. With our network monitoring service we help businesses and their IT departments to monitor all their systems, devices, traffic and applications.

Having the right network monitoring service in place allows businesses to see where problems are occurring across their IT infrastructure, add new features, capabilities and automation to help reduce defect rates and system downtime.

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24x7 IT Service Desk

Wanstor can provide your business with 24x7 Managed IT service desk support. We understand your people, processes and technologies are strategic assets which help serve your customers and deliver your objectives.

When things go wrong or when you are planning for change, growth or transformation having the right IT service desk is crucial to success. We help businesses improve the capabilities of their people, processes and technologies, reducing IT costs and complexity.

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IT Service Desk Strategy

Wanstor can help your IT department to put the right IT service desk strategy in place. This enables your IT teams to plan for the future and unlock greater value from IT and technology investments.

Having the right IT service desk strategy in place can help your business to unlock real value around staff productivity, improved IT reliability and future technology deployments, which truly enables the business and the customers it serves.

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IT Service Desk Design

Wanstor can your help your business to put the right IT service desk design in place. Designing an IT service desk to meet a business’s current and future IT support requires co-ordination, collaboration and a deep strategic understanding of the business by the IT department.

By having the right IT service desk design in place your business will be able to benefit from quicker resolution times to IT issues, improved IT staff productivity and reduced IT operating costs.

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IT Service Desk Transition

Wanstor can help businesses to change their IT service desk model and manage risks around new, changed and retired IT service desk solutions.

Additionally we can help the IT team to capture relevant knowledge at all stages of the transition programme so business decision makers can make informed, relevant and timely decisions. Wanstor’s proven IT transition and transformation methods can help businesses mitigate risks and ensure business continuity throughout the change lifecycle.

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IT Service Desk Operation

Wanstor can help your business put a more effective, user friendly and robust IT service operation in place.

With user expectations of IT rising and more data, applications and devices to manage, your IT department in under constant pressure just to keep the business running. Wanstor can help your IT department, providing the right management, people and processes for day to day IT tasks, helping to free up your IT team to concentrate on strategic priorities which will make a real difference to your business both now and in the future.

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IT Service Desk Continual Service Improvement

Wanstor understands IT and technology is constantly evolving and your business needs to keep pace with these changes. This is why for all our customers we put in place a Continual Service Improvement (CSI) plan.

The CSI plans we put in place enable our customers to take advantage of their IT capabilities and resources, find ways to make IT even more cost effective and helps to deliver even greater business value. By implementing the right CSI plan businesses can make sure the IT services they receive from suppliers are ready for the challenges they face today and tomorrow.

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