If you’re keen to build a rewarding career in Sales, Wanstor will give you the support you need to make a success of it from day one. At Wanstor our sales roles are extremely varied with a mix of account management and new business skills required. We give our account managers full responsibility for the accounts they manage. They are the single point of contact for the customer, managing the relationship and making sure Wanstor delivers a high-quality service at all times.

What Does Wanstor look for in an Account Management role?

At Wanstor we believe the most important aspect of an account manager’s role is the ability to be able to communicate effectively. The account manager will be responsible for identifying the needs of customers, so must be able to ask pertinent questions and listen attentively to their IT requirements and business challenges. In particular we look for people who have previous experience of dealing with senior decision makers in medium to large businesses. The main skills and competencies we look for in our sales staff include:

  • Communication: Talking on the phone, meeting new people, managing team members, writing reports and presenting to large groups are all aspects of the job. It is imperative as a Wanstor account manager that you can do all of these things to a high standard and leave customers seriously impressed at all times throughout the sales lifecycle.
  • Organisation: You will be in and out of meetings, catching up with clients for coffee and be up against tight deadlines. Making sure you can work well in a customer focused environment is one of the crucial success factors of an account management role at Wanstor.
  • Project Management: We expect account managers to be able to successfully orchestrate the relationship between engineers, service designers, commercial, marketing and finance teams to make sure the right messages, solutions and proposals are presented to customers to solve their IT challenges.
  • People Management: In addition to talking to customers you will need to communicate with members of your team and a wide variety of people across the Wanstor and customers organisation whose relationship you are managing. In summary you will need to develop the skills to motivate staff to work towards shared goals which benefit Wanstor and the customers you are responsible for.
  • Great Presenter and Negotiator: You will be responsible for securing the contract. It will be your responsibility to deliver a pitch to potential customers to seal the deal. Not only that but you will be expected to negotiate a profitable contract, land new business and expand relationships in existing customers.
  • Commercial Understanding: When it comes to bringing new customers on board, we know our customers like dealing with people who understand their business, and the sector in which they operate. Account managers at Wanstor need to be subject experts in the markets they operate in and be able to demonstrate they can grasp the important aspects of the sector which will give the customer piece of mind that Wanstor are the right company to deal with.

To apply for an account management role at Wanstor please check out our current vacancies where you find all current Wanstor career opportunities.

If you like helping people with their IT problems and making sure IT users have the right access to applications, devices and operating systems, a career in Wanstor’s Technical or Support teams could be appealing. At Wanstor our IT support specialists assist our customer’s users who are experiencing technical trouble ranging from hardware and software issues to the navigation of the technology itself. In most cases Wanstor’s Technical Support staff help our customers IT users over the phone by asking specific questions to assess the problem and then deciding if they can fix the problem or if it needs to go to another more specialist IT engineer.

What Does Wanstor look for in IT Technical and Support roles?

To obtain a job as an IT Support or Technical specialist in Wanstor, we look for relevant technology qualifications. Additionally you will have an in-depth understanding of the applications and programmes used by different companies across different industries. The main skills and competencies we look for include:

  • Listening: Because most IT support work is over the phone, being able to listen to a customer’s problem and be able to proactively help them is crucial to success in the role.
  • Problem-solving: These skills are vital for Wanstor’s IT Technical & Support specialists as you will be dealing with many different customer enquiries throughout your day at work. You will need to be able to quickly determine the cause of a technology malfunction and decide on a path to fix the problem whilst the customer is on the phone.
  • Customer Focus: The frustrations that accompany technical troubles mean IT Technical & Support staff must maintain patience and communication skills when working with a customer at all times whatever the problem or issue may be.
  • IT Knowledge: Wanstor prides itself on technical and professional excellence. This means all of our IT Technical and Support workers must be knowledgeable about a range of products, applications and operating systems in order to be able to do their job well and satisfy customer demands. For example we look for IT Technical staff with qualifications in Microsoft, Oracle, PRTG, Fujitsu, and Veeam technologies.
  • Teamwork: Because of the diverse range of customers Wanstor deals with, IT Technical & Support specialists must be able to work well with other teams especially if they do not have the relevant technical knowledge themselves. Only by working together can Wanstor guarantee successful customer outcomes.
Tech Career Paths

At Wanstor we understand IT does not stay still for long. We are always keen for people who join us as IT Technical staff to cross skill themselves in other technology areas. In addition to technology cross skilling, we encourage many of our technical staff to undertake study around other IT operational areas as well, such as project management, service delivery management and technical team management. As Wanstor is a growing company the opportunities to grow as an individual and have a rewarding and interesting career are unparalleled in the technical field.

To apply for an IT Technical or Support role at Wanstor please check out our current vacancies where you find all current Wanstor career opportunities.

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