Wanstor IT Services Core values

We respect and value those we work with and the contribution that they make. We build trust with our colleagues, customers and partners and try out alternative perspectives that put our shared interests ahead of any individual needs.


We act impartially, ethically and transparently in all we do. Wanstor do and say the same thing in private as in public. We honour our commitments, challenge things we believe to be wrong and are open to be challenged.

Service Excellence:

Our clients are at the centre of what we do. We invest the time to understand customers’ needs, and regardless of the role, Wanstor always strives to surpass our customers’ expectations. Our service creates solutions for clients that balance the short and long term with winning solutions for all stakeholders.


We use our skills, energy and resources to deliver the best, sustainable results. We aim for first class delivery and learn from any mistakes we make. Wanstor takes pride in its work and that of the wider partnership of our customer teams. Wanstor creates an environment to attract and keep the best people, those who share our values.

Continuous Improvement:

We leave things better than we found them. Wanstor drives innovative and better ways to do things and ways to positively impact all of the communities we interact with we value sustainable progress as much as immediate achievements.

At Wanstor our people, culture and the customers we support are at the heart of our business success. We are creating a workplace where our staff are energetic, driven and customer focused in everything they do.

Wanstor’s people are the brand

People come to Wanstor for lots of different reasons. This is a business where you are surrounded by intelligent, forward-thinking people, who want to do their best for Wanstor and the customers it serves. You will be given opportunities to grow your career the way you want with people who will inspire you to do your best.

Culture built on collaboration and innovation

Innovation and proactivity are the keys to our success, and we practice it in everything we do. At Wanstor we pride ourselves on being able to collaborate across teams, in different work environments and across different customer groups. This along with the collection of diverse and smart minds already employed, means we develop creative, innovative and highly effective IT services and solutions for our customers.

Wanstor is a great place to push your career to the next level

Whether you are starting your career or looking to move to the next level, a career at Wanstor will challenge your skills and help you grow as person so you are ready for your next challenge. We offer challenging, meaningful work and career development opportunities which are hard to match. In addition to the great work challenges you will undertake, you will also be surrounded by people who are smart, intelligent, experienced and can help you to broaden your skill set.

Personal empowerment and recognition

At Wanstor we encourage our employees to use all of their resources and talents to reach their potential. We love to see what people have in terms of skills and help to improve them. With a flat organisational decision making structure, Wanstor gives its employees true decision making capabilities to make a difference for our customers on a day to day basis. By trusting our employees to do a great job for our customers we offer our staff rewards and recognition that they desire. We also believe recognition should be at every level of the business so if a member of your team is doing well or making a difference for a customer, we encourage people to tell them they are doing a great job.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive workforce at Wanstor. We recognise work cultures which celebrate individuality, teamwork and put aside differences help to give businesses a competitive advantage. In summary Wanstor provides a workplace where people feel valued, included and empowered. No matter what your background is we would be happy to hear from you if you believe you have the right skills and talents to succeed in an IT services company like Wanstor.

Wanstor – Excellence as a Standard

At Wanstor, we are redefining what it means to be an IT services company because we make customer and IT service excellence our standard. We know being average is not good enough. Wanstor is all about delivering excellence in everything we do. From the people we employ, to the processes we put in place, everything has to be of the highest standards. If you strive for excellence in everything you do at work, come and join us and help shape the future of IT services across the UK.

Where to Find us
London Office
  • 124-126 Borough High Street
  • London
  • SE1 1LB
Manchester Office
  • 380 Chester Road
  • Manchester
  • M16 9EA
Other Locations
  • Our Bristol, Birmingham and Edinburgh Offices serve purely as an engineering bases.
124-126 Borough High Street London, SE1 1LB
Phone: 0333 123 0360, 020 7592 7860
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