Local Area Networking (LAN) Services for Charities

Wanstor helps charities to plan, design and manage their Local Area Networks (LANs). Our LAN services and solutions enable charities to scale their networks as their business grows, reduces security risks and makes sure the network is always available so staff can be productive.

At Wanstor we start with an understanding of your charity and technical requirements for a Local Area Network (LAN), then work with your IT staff to make sure your architecture, physical sites, and IT operations are ready to support it. Our LAN services and solutions are based on over 15 years’ experience of installing and managing a range of Local Area Networks for charities across the UK.

Some of the common issues Wanstor finds in our charity customers Local Area Networks include:

  • Poor implementation of BYOD policies as staff, donors, users of the charities services and suppliers bring in a range of devices which the network cannot securely support.
  • Reduced network performance and bandwidth issues as video and voice technologies have become more prevalent in people’s daily work lives.
  • Networks suffering from a lack of resilience due to misconfiguration and targeted attacks over a period of time.
  • Slow delivery of applications to charity critical functions, a poor user experience of windows systems due to poorly planned traffic management across the network.
  • Attempts to access the network by unauthorised devices in locations which are not supported by the IT department.
  • Organically grown LAN architectures which no longer serve what the charity needs, taking up a significant amount of engineering time just to keep the network running.
  • Wireless network performance issues in terms of bandwidth, usage and poorly designed architecture at different charity sites.

Wanstor understands that no two charities are the same. We offer a range of Local Area Networking services for charities including:

Advice: We help charities to identify how technology can help them meet their objectives and the impact on the network. We advise on how to address network risks, make sure the network design is secure and agile, and put plans in place which make the network a business enabler.

Design: We work with our charity customers to deliver an optimised and structured network design. This takes into account server and storage environments, knowledge of best practice IT infrastructure designs, identification of the right routing, switching and data centre networking vendors for your charity, and that the right IT support models are put in place before any new network service goes live.

Implementation: We work with our charity customers to provide network implementation plans which validate, migrate, and integrate new technologies into their network. This service helps charities to decrease network operations costs, mitigate risks and make sure the network which is deployed aligns with their strategy.

Operations: We help many of our charity customers with specific in life network operations projects. We can help to provide in life design guidance, traffic and security assessments, IT operations support planning, and insights into best practice network performance strategies.

Security: We help charities to assess their network security requirements, recommend best approaches, vendors to work with, test new solutions and help them migrate to new systems with minimal risk.

Support: We can help provide 24x7 IT support for your network. As a leading IT support company, Wanstor is well equipped to deliver network support services including NOC, 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line support. Additionally we can provide onsite engineers for upgrades and new technology deployments.

Disposal: We help charities to dispose of old networking equipment and trade old equipment in with vendors to save money on future networking equipment purchases.

Wanstor Local Area Networking (LAN) Service Benefits for Charities

  • Decreased network maintenance and support costs as Wanstor will make sure you have a robust and always ready network which can deal with different types of traffic, data, devices and operating systems.
  • Improved network performance as the network design put in place will take into account different traffic flows and demands from your staff.
  • Better application performance and user satisfaction as latency will be cut across the network, with data delivered to devices in a timely and relevant manner.
  • Increased staff productivity as end users will be able to access the network seamlessly and securely from any location.
  • The ability to use real time user and customer analytics at your charity sites, giving your charity insight into usage patterns and where upgrades may need to happen.
  • A network which is intuitive, agile and can respond to the changing demands of servers and virtualisation as data performance and management demands grow.
  • Secure and seamless support for both wired and wireless users.
  • A better more robust BYOD policy which truly empowers staff and enables supplier’s better access to your network when at your charities sites.

For more information about Wanstor’s local area networking services and solutions for charities, please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our networking experts will give you a call back.

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