All businesses consider their people, capabilities, processes, and technologies to be strategic assets. These assets help deliver and support the company’s vision and objectives. At Wanstor, we believe an efficient and effective IT service desk can help create a strategic advantage in the markets that their business serves.

Some of the common issues Wanstor sees before it provides IT support to its customers include:

  • Service strategies which have no real foundations to them and are based on gut feel rather than actual IT and business evidence.
  • Service desks not being designed to support the business with disparate suppliers, SLA’s not relevant to the business and service catalogues which focus too much on the IT department and not the users of the service.
  • Transition plans for new services not involving the right business stakeholders, and a lack of knowledge management throughout the change process.
  • IT Operations which are sporadic with a lack of processes in place and reporting across Incident, Event & Request management not aligned.
  • Continual Service Improvement plans which do not have clear aims and objectives to make users work lives easier and processes more streamlined for the IT service management teams.

To help businesses overcome these challenges Wanstor works with its customers to provide:

IT Service Desk Strategy

We work with you to understand the markets your company serves, your different users and their IT demands. Additionally we will look at the suppliers you need to engage with and manage, help you set budgets for the right levels of support and put in place a suggested set of IT services and service desk support which enables and empowers the business no matter what the challenge is.

IT Service Design

We work with you to help design the right service desk support for your business. We can help you with supplier management for new and existing IT environments, make sure you have the right Service Level Agreements in place so you can serve the business effectively, create and update service catalogues for IT and business teams, and make sure the right level of service desk availability is in place when your business needs it.

IT Service Transition

We can help your business to plan and manage changes to the services you need at different points in your IT lifecycle. We will help you manage the risks for new, changed and retired services and enable the business to deliver value to itself and the customers it serves.

IT Service Desk Operation

We work with your IT department to deliver an IT service desk which covers day-to-day activities, processes, and infrastructure responsible for delivering value to the business through technology.

Continual Service Improvement

We help businesses to implement CSI programmes that take advantage of their IT capabilities and resources. We find ways to make IT even more efficient, beneficial, and cost-effective with supporting measures so the wider business can see the true value of IT to the organisation.

Wanstor IT Service Desk Benefits

The benefits of working with Wanstor to create an IT service desk which supports your business include:

  • Stronger alignment between IT and the business, changing IT from a cost centre into a true business enabler.
  • Improved service delivery and customer satisfaction rates through better event, incident and request management – Saving your IT service desk team time, money and effort on resolving issues.
  • Reduced costs through improved use of resources by analysing when you need engineers available and the tasks you want them to complete.
  • Improved IT staff productivity by advising and putting in place programmes of work which automate many manual day to day IT processes.
  • Greater visibility of IT costs and assets means IT will become more accountable to the business and can enable delivery against customer and organisational objectives.
  • Better management of business risk and service disruption or failure as a proactive approach to IT will give the IT teams visibility of where potential problems may be happening so they can put a fix in place before the issue becomes business critical.
  • A more stable IT service environment which mitigates IT risks, achieves greater interoperability between systems and reduces user complaints.

To find out more information about Wanstor’s IT Service Desk solutions and how they can help your business please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our IT service desk experts will give you a call back.

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