Wanstor understands there are several factors to consider when selecting and managing an EPOS system and many of them can be puzzling for the uninitiated. If the right EPOS system is selected and managed correctly it can greatly enhance the customer experience. However if the wrong EPOS system is selected, is hard to manage or staff do not understand how to use it correctly it can cause a lot of problems. At Wanstor we offer our customers a range of EPOS services to keep their business operations running including:

Installation, Management & Maintenance – We offer these services for everything to do with a successful EPOS system including – Terminals and servers, Windows and Apple EPOS products, Chip and PIN terminals, Printers, Bar code scanners, Cash drawers, Customer display units and Swipe/Door card readers.

Incident Management - We work with your IT department to restore EPOS systems when they fail or are disrupted. Our EPOS support engineers provide help around the following activities: Incident identification, incident logging, incident categorisation, incident prioritisation, initial diagnosis of the incident, escalation paths to level 2 engineers, incident resolution, incident closure and communication with the end user.

Request Fulfilment – We can make it easier for your users to find what they need from an EPOS system, cut out confusion and put in place simple repeatable processes which save your IT team time and money having to answer basic questions around EPOS systems.

Event Management – We can help your IT team detect, communicate, and take the appropriate action for every EPOS event that is significant to managing your day to day operations.

Availability Management - We can help you select the right EPOS system, associated tools, infrastructure, processes and support people, so your IT department can meet agreed SLA targets around EPOS systems.

Security Management – We will make sure any EPOS system we put in place has security at the heart of it and is protected against unauthorised modification and business transactions.

Supplier Management - We understand EPOS supplier management can be an arduous task for many businesses. Wanstor has over 15 years’ experience in dealing with a range of EPOS suppliers. This means we are well placed to advise your business on which EPOS products you need, how to manage the suppliers and how different products from different suppliers work together.

Service Level Management – We will work with your IT department to define, develop, monitor and manage SLAs which are appropriate to your chosen EPOS system and business operation.

Benefits of Wanstor’s EPOS Support Services

The benefits of using Wanstor as your EPOS service partner of choice include:

  • An EPOS solution which meets business needs and expectations both now and in the future.
  • The right SLAs in place which will help to make the EPOS system relevant for users and provide a better customer experience.
  • Access to the right management information systems and tools so staff can fix problems quicker, be more business relevant and improve user satisfaction rates.
  • Lower IT operational costs as Wanstor’s best in class EPOS engineering methods and processes can streamline incidents and resolve user’s problems quickly and effectively.
  • Track trends of incidents to see where problems are occurring with your EPOS system and put plans in place to minimise risk and avoid failures or outages.
  • Gain an in depth understanding of different suppliers involved with EPOS systems and how they interact amongst each other, your business and your users.
  • Reduced in life risk around the EPOS system you choose, as you will be able to test, validate, plan and support different EPOS systems.

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