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Wanstor can provide your business with authentication management systems which help to safeguard critical applications and other resources by providing assurance that the people looking to access them really are who they claim to be and that they’re authorized to use specific resources.

At Wanstor we are aware that organisations of all sizes require identity authentication solutions that identify users and protect corporate assets more intelligently, more conveniently and more effectively. By implementing a context-based, risk analytics framework across access management, authentication, identity governance and user lifecycle, Wanstor enables business-driven identity and access management for today’s organisations.

With Wanstor’s authentication solutions business stakeholders and IT security teams can act with maximum insight to achieve seamless security while improving productivity and user experience.

Wanstor’s user authentication tools can:

  • Enable business-driven identity and access management (IAM) with integrated identity access, governance and lifecycle solutions.
  • Make identity and authentication management easy by giving users seamless access to applications and conveniently connects them to the applications most necessary to get their jobs done from anywhere, any device.
  • Extend access protection to traditional, web, mobile and SaaS applications, enhancing the value of current security technology investments.
  • Help IT teams address regulatory and industry data protection requirements and effectively meet compliance demands by automating identity lifecycle processes and ongoing governance efforts.
  • Provide strong, secure and convenient access to legitimate users from anywhere to anything, including web and SaaS applications, native mobile apps and traditional enterprise applications and resources (including VPNs, firewalls, virtual desktops and Windows or Linux servers) whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Apply consistent and centrally-enforced risk and contextual access policies to configure user access in real-time, based on the business areas they operate in, location, application sensitivity, session and network information, and device type.
  • Reduce business risk by using convenient and secure access controls (such as multi-factor authentication, risk analytics and real-time context) to verify that the people trying to access your systems are who they say they are.
  • Increase business agility, security and user convenience by providing the broadest range of authentication solutions.

By partnering with Wanstor to deliver your authentication and identity management strategy organisations can benefit from:

  • Reduced identity and user access risk while protecting critical data and applications from unauthorized use and access.
  • Delivery of the right level of access conveniently and securely to your users: at the right time from anywhere, on any device.
  • Improve your overall security posture with invisible, yet effective, continuous authentication.
  • Meet industry regulations and organizational policies with sustainable compliance.
  • Maximize user productivity with convenient application access and streamline user access fulfilment lifecycle.

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