Data Loss Prevention

Wanstor’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution helps business and not for profit organisations to keep sensitive corporate information safe and compliant against an ever changing data protection landscape. Wanstor’s DLP solution gives IT teams the ability to extend security and compliance policies beyond the borders of their own network.

In today’s world of increasing data loss events, organisations have little choice but to take action to protect sensitive data. Confidential employee and customer data, legal documents, and intellectual property are being exposed.

At Wanstor we understand that organisations of all sizes are challenged with effectively addressing this without hindering employee productivity or overloading IT staff. Technology is evolving, but ultimately ineffective in understanding user intentions. Even more difficult is trying to protect sensitive data without the long deployments, painful administration and high costs often associated with traditional DLP products.

Wanstor’s DLP solution helps IT teams overcome the barriers of data safety. We do this by providing them with a data loss prevention solution they can trust. The main features of Wanstor’s DLP solution includes:

Inspection across a variety of data sources: Wanstor’s innovative data classification engine combines users, content and process into accurate decisions. Our DLP tools deliver exceptionally high accuracy in identifying sensitive data including personally identifiable information (PII), compliance-related data (HIPAA, SOX, PCI data, etc.), and confidential business data. This is achieved through our unique IT security and data classification technology.

Fingerprint Sensitive Files: DLP scans file repositories of sensitive files and match when a file from this repository (or part of it) leaves the organisation. With files matching, sensitive files are prevented from leaving the organisation.

Network wide protection: Wanstor’s DLP solution is based on an in-line network-based software blade which runs on any existing gateway. The Wanstor DLP solution is an advancedsolution which protects data transmitted over networks with wide coverage of traffic transport types (SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TLS, FTP) with deep application awareness protecting data in-motion. DLP policies are created to define what to prevent and how to prevent, per policy, per network segment, per gateway and per user-group.

Complete data security: The DLP solution Wanstor offers is part of a complete data security solution to secure data at rest, data in use and data in transit. Most corporate laptops and PCs store proprietary data on their hard drives, and many users regularly work outside of a secure corporate environment. A data breach from a lost, stolen or compromised laptop can result in costly fines, lawsuits and lost revenue. Our Endpoint Full Disk Encryption secures the entire hard drive. Endpoint Media Encryption and Port Control secure removable media. Capsule Docs enables organizations to seamlessly protect documents, ensuring access for authorized users only.

Central management: The DLP solution is managed centrally with Wanstor through a user-friendly interface. Centralised management offers unmatched leverage and control of security policies, and enables organisations to use a single repository for user and group definitions, network objects, access rights, and security policies across their entire security infrastructure. Unified access policies are enforced automatically throughout the distributed environment, empowering them to securely provision access from anywhere.

  • Selection of data type(s) and user group(s) - also using Active Directory
  • Enable exceptions - allowed users
  • Traffic direction - enforce on outbound or inter-departmental traffic
  • Pre-defined policies and content data types
  • Incremental exposure of specific policies per different user groups
  • Integrated Logging and Event correlation
  • Customization of internal quarantine
  • Granular protection control - easy-to-use protection profiles allow administrators to define signature and protection activation rules that match the security needs of your network assets
  • Predefined default and recommended profiles - provide immediate and easy use out-of-the-box with profiles tuned to optimize security or performance

Event management: Wanstor’s DLP solution allows IT teams to monitor and report only what is important. Event management includes the following features and options:

  • Real-time and history graphing and reporting of DLP events
  • Easy incident correlation
  • Graphical incident timeline
  • Easily configured custom views
  • Event / incident management workflow

Rapid and flexible deployment: Organisations of any size can be protected from day one with pre-configured templates. A wide range of built-in policies and rules are included for common requirements, including regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and acceptable use.

By partnering with Wanstor for your DLP solution your organisation can benefit from:

Proactive data loss protection: See what data leaves the network and gain visibility into how your sensitive information is being used. Identify and fix existing broken business processes and reduce the risk of a data breach.

Gain visibility: Our capture technology allows you to see how your data is being used and how it is leaking out.

Quickly identify data: Stronger data classification identifies and classifies data that is important to your specific organisation.

Ensure you remain compliant: Prioritize the remediation of critical compliance information and highly sensitive data over less critical data.

Deploy policies quickly for immediate value: Build and deploy DLP policies faster and more accurately without guesswork or trial and error. Unique, non-invasive capture technology provides visibility on how data is being used and leaked out of your organisation.

Simplify policy management: Leverage flexible file tagging to set up time-saving data security policies based on location and application types. Data classification technology categorizes large amounts of data so only relevant files are examined and remediated.

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