Endpoint Security

Wanstor provides business and not for profit organisations with a range of Endpoint Security solutions. We work with all the major UK IT security vendors to supply our customers with multilayer endpoint protection. Our endpoint security solutions integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures, and help IT teams to provide relevant, timely responses to IT security threats.

Unprotected endpoints can put an entire business or not for profit organisation at risk from threats, data loss, and unauthorized access. To mitigate these risks, IT teams should implement endpoint security, but this can challenge IT administrators in multiple ways. Creating and managing new policies for desktops, laptops, Macs, and other devices quickly becomes complicated. In addition, engaging and educating users can take valuable time away from IT administrators. Different risks and groups require different tools to manage and enforce endpoint and corporate policies. Managing all these aspects requires more of your IT admin’s time, effort, and thinking to execute well.

Wanstor’s Endpoint Protection solution delivers multilayer protection to stop threats regardless of how they attack your endpoints. Our endpoint solutions have been designed to integrate with existing IT security infrastructures to provide relevant and timely responses to address IT security threats quickly.

At Wanstor we protect endpoints regardless of where attackers strike on the attack chain. Our endpoint security solutions help in the following IT infrastructure areas:

Network Firewall & Intrusion Prevention: Blocks malware before it spreads to your machines and controls traffic.

Application and Device Control: Helps IT teams to control file registry, and device access and behaviour; enables IT teams to whitelist or blacklist.

Memory Exploit Mitigation: Blocks zero day exploits vulnerabilities across all top software providers.

Reputation Analysis: Determines safety of files and websites using our technology expert’s insights.

Advanced Machine Learning: Pre-execution and detection of new and evolving threats.

Antivirus: Scans and eradicates malware that may be on your systems.

Behaviour: Monitors and blocks files that exhibit suspicious behaviour.

Zero Day Threat Prevention: Defend endpoints and web browsers with a complete set of real-time advanced browser and endpoint protection technologies, including Threat Emulation, Threat Extraction, Anti-Bot and Zero Phishing.

Actionable Incident Analysis: We can provide full visibility of all your IT endpoints with forensics capabilities, monitoring and recording all endpoint events: files affected, processes launched, system registry changes, and network activity.

Access Control: Firewall protects endpoints by controlling inbound and outbound traffic, Compliance Check makes sure of compliance while accessing the corporate network and Remote Access VPN secures access to corporate resources when remote.

Data Security: Full Disk Encryption secures the entire drive, Media Encryption encrypts removable storage media, and Port control enables management and auditing of all endpoint ports.

By partnering with Wanstor for your endpoint security solutions your organisation can benefit from:

Combined data & threat protection

  • Shields your infrastructure starting at the endpoint
  • Protects against known and newly emerging threats
  • Monitors and protects confidential data

Unified management and administration

  • Reduces operational overheads and is easily managed
  • Reduces the cost of managing and supporting client systems
  • Maintains awareness of hardware and software inventories
  • Facilitates real-time end-user education

Content and policy-based assessment and controls

  • Automatically assess and remediate policy deficiencies
  • Ensures and maintains policy compliance
  • Extends administrative reach and capabilities with limited resources
  • Controls confidential information

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