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Wanstor’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution simplifies and secures management of mobile devices, protecting enterprise information in the data centre, the cloud, on mobile apps, devices and desktops.

Businesses and not for profit organisations today are seeing an influx of employees using mobile devices to undertake corporate tasks and access corporate resources. Many IT teams see this as an opportunity to improve employee productivity, and have begun advocating practices like corporate-owned personally enabled (COPE) and bring your own device (BYOD).

The main features of Wanstor’s MDM solution include:

Device Enrolment: Enrol devices manually, in bulk or make users self-enrol their devices with two factor authentication.

App Management: Install in-house and store apps silently, create your own app catalogue and restrict access to blacklisted apps.

Profile Management: Create and configure policies and profiles for different departments/roles and associate them with appropriate groups.

Email Management: Manage and secure corporate emails through platform containerisation and exchange activesync.

Kiosk Mode: Restrict your device to access a single or a specific set of apps.

Remote Troubleshooting: Remotely view and control mobile devices. Solve device related issues in real time.

Asset Management: Scan to fetch the details of installed apps, enforced restrictions, installed certificates and device hardware details.

Security Management: Configure stringent security policies such as the passcode, device lock to protect corporate data from outside threats.

Content Management: Remotely share documents to chosen devices. Securely save and view documents on selected devices.

Audit & Reporting: Audit all mobile devices with relevant reports such as Rooted Devices, Devices with blacklisted apps and more.

By partnering with Wanstor for your MDM solution your organisation can benefit from:

Fully supported OSs: Manage multiple OS platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) from a single interface.

Improved Device Management: Quickly bring devices under IT management through easy enrolment and authentication for BYOD and corporate devices. Ensure devices are compliant with your organisations risk management and data protection policies, remotely control and view mobile devices in real time and troubleshoot any issues from one central location.

Better Visibility and Management of Applications: Secure and manage the applications running on devices in your network. Our MDM tools provide effortless app distribution and management of in-house and store apps for any number of devices, whether they run iOS, Android or Windows. We can enable IT teams to run only select few apps on a device, lock down devices to run a single app or a set of apps with Kiosk Mode. Manage app inventory with granular app details and manage app licenses on mobile devices and maintain data integrity on devices by separating company work profiles from personal profiles.

Enhanced Security Management: In the case of loss/theft we can help the IT team to geographically locate the device and wipe its data to ensure corporate data safety. Detect and report high risk/non-compliant devices which are rooted in your organisations network, Safeguard your network with role-based device usage permissions and customisable access to corporate accounts.

Superior Email Management: Provide convenient and secure access to your organisation's email. Restrict access only to enterprise approved apps and accounts, support provisions for Office 365 and Azure, make sure email attachments are viewed only through IT approved apps.

Value added Content Management: Remotely distribute and manage documents on the mobile devices. Access documents only using the trusted apps on the device, restrict third party apps from accessing and backing up distributed documents, enable automatic updates when newer versions of documents are available.

Containerization: Separate corporate and personal information in each device so that there is no compromise on data integrity, this helps to prevent threats from accessing corporate resources on each device, gives selective access to corporate accounts and apps depending on employee needs and enables It teams to choose which apps are accessed by employees.

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