Managed Hosting Service

Managed hosting services are playing an increasingly important role in optimizing IT infrastructure.

By offloading infrastructure and outsourcing routine IT tasks, managed hosting services help businesses relieve the pressure on IT teams overwhelmed by different priorities and declining budgets.

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Managed Microsoft Services

Wanstor has been a Microsoft Gold partner for over ten years

Working closely with Microsoft technology teams, we bring our expertise of Microsoft Professional IT Services to our customers, from business planning to deployment and support, across a range of Microsoft products and solutions.

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IT Consultancy Service

Wanstor’s IT consultancy services help IT teams design, manage, and maintain some of the most sophisticated, secure, intelligent platforms for business across the UK.

Our innovation, expertise and service quality help businesses of all sizes in the UK bridge the talent gap, manage risk, deliver excellence, and stay ahead of the pace of change.

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IT Project Service

Today’s IT infrastructure environment is more complex than ever before.

Having access to the right project management skills and experience available during programmes of work is often the difference between a successful project and a long, costly and frustrating ordeal.

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IT Supply Service

Sourcing technology through an IT partner offers a more service-focused approach, with long-term value and expertise built in.

Independent IT partners have no agenda in recommending products other than maintaining their relationship with a client. They are not the manufacturer, and it’s in a partner’s best interests to recommend suitable, cost-effective technology that will integrate seamlessly with existing architectures.

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IT Infrastructure Service

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the internet.

Customers who access this service from Wanstor can quickly scale up and down with demand, and only pay for what they use. IaaS helps IT teams avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing their own physical servers and other data centre infrastructure.

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IT Security Service

Wanstor helps businesses balance user productivity and business agility with robust IT security solutions.

We advise on new threats and vulnerabilities, integrate monitoring solutions and deliver real-time insights into risks facing both a business and its users.

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Business Continuity Service

Disaster recovery is a critical IT feature that every business, large or small, should employ.

Without it, thousands if not millions of pounds could be lost or an entire business reputation wiped out if critical IT systems are not backed up or cannot be recovered quickly.

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Improve your operations using our Managed IT Services.

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