Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s office suite hosted in the cloud. It includes all the usual Microsoft Office package features:

  • Office suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more
  • Email and calendaring – Connect with customers and fellow workers using Outlook and Exchange
  • File storage – Manage your files from anywhere with up to 1TB per user
  • Data protection controls – Help secure business data on personal and company owned devices
  • Safest windows operating system ever – Get upgraded to Windows 10 and all associated security patches
  • Cyber threat protection – Help protect PCs and end user devices from malware, viruses and spyware by having Microsoft patches automatically deployed to devices which are using Office 365
  • Administration and deployment – Manage new PC’s and devices faster and more easily by having all tools accessible in the Microsoft cloud
  • Dependability and support – Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime and 24x7 online and phone support

At Wanstor, we know that a transformation to Office 365 requires skilled planning and execution. Email, presence, instant messaging, unified communications, social and data analytics must work together in new ways that enable a digital workplace. But integration isn’t automatic, especially as many businesses have legacy IT systems which they need to continue to run and be built on. We offer a range of professional services to help you design, deploy and manage Microsoft Office 365:

  • Explore & Evaluate: Analyse your current IT environment with services like Wanstor’s Cloud Maturity Assessment, establishing a roadmap and determining upgrades to applications, networks and directories, integration requirements, as well as the prospective ROI from an Office 365 deployment.
  • Design & Deliver: With Wanstor’s proven IT methodology and management tools around Microsoft technologies, efficiently manage the movement of Exchange, SharePoint content and user data to Office 365, as well as deliver training and change enablement to make sure of platform readiness and maximize the digital workplace experience. Take advantage of Wanstor’s proven expertise with Microsoft technologies to integrate your Office 365 environment with your business processes. Extend functionality with the development of new applications and implement a complete unified communications ecosystem by incorporating enterprise voice to provide innovative solutions to your business.
  • Run: Wanstor’s Microsoft experts can provide a range of managed services including collaboration analytics, application support, ongoing management and end user support of your Office 365 environment.

Benefits of Wanstor’s Microsoft Office 365 services for your business:

  • Reduce risks through holistic transformational planning to ensure business continuity
  • Faster return-on-investment through cost-saving implementation processes and integration with line-of business systems
  • Achieve greater agility with a successful engagement that positions your business to take advantage of the transformative potential of Office 365
  • Increase user acceptance through training and change management that minimizes disruption and maximizes employee experience
  • Improve overall end user adoption by measuring and providing insight into Office 365 adoption and cross-team collaboration patterns within the workplace
  • Free IT staff to focus on new, strategic initiatives by having our team of experts manage the services of the greater ecosystem

Enjoy the benefits of Office 365, managed by recognised experts.

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