Wanstor and ManageEngine Network & Server Performance Management

Wanstor and ManageEngine work together to offer our customers comprehensive network and server monitoring capabilities that IT teams to monitor performance, detect faults in real time, troubleshoot errors, and prevent downtime.

Wanstor and ManageEngine provide organisations of all sizes across the UK with solutions for managing every aspect of network performance, from network and data centre infrastructure to traffic, bandwidth, configuration and beyond.

The key solutions we help our customers with include:

Network and Server Performance Solution ManageEngine Product Features
Network and Data Center Infrastructure Management OpManager

Network and data centre infrastructure management software for large enterprises, service providers, and SMEs

Automated workflows, intelligent alerting engines, configurable discovery rules, and extendable templates

Plug-ins for network change and configuration management, IP address management as well as network, application, database, virtualization, and NetFlow-based bandwidth monitoring

Easy-to-use interface gets you up and running quickly

Network Traffic Analysis and Bandwidth Management NetFlow Analyzer

Traffic and security analytics and bandwidth monitoring tool provides real-time visibility into network bandwidth performance

Collects and analyses data about who is using network bandwidth and what it is being used for

Enables early detection and faster troubleshooting of network slowdowns, QoS and SLA issues, security anomalies, and more

Supports Cisco technologies and is Cisco-compatible (NetFlow, IP SLA, WAAS, and Medianet)

Network Configuration Management Network Configuration Manager

Web-based, multi-vendor network change, configuration, and compliance management (NCCM) solution

NCCM services provided for switches, routers, firewalls, and other network devices

Integrated solution for automating and controlling the entire life cycle of device configuration management

Single, centralized GUI for managing configurations, controlling changes, ensuring compliance, and automating tasks

Switch Port and IP Address Management OpUtils

Discovers, scans, and manages IP addresses in an enterprise network

Maps each switch port to its connected device, down to its physical location

Identifies and blocks rogue systems and devices before they penetrate the network

Backs up the start-up and runtime configuration files of Cisco routers and switches

Monitors and analyses the real-time network bandwidth usage of any SNMP device

Server and Application Performance Monitoring Applications Manager

Discover application servers, servers databases, web services, transactions and cloud apps in your heterogeneous data centre

Detect performance bottlenecks early, identify root cause quickly, and resolve issues proactively before they affect end users

Know exactly how your users experience your applications with the help of real user monitoring; Ensure an optimal user experience for your web applications

Get capacity planning and trending insights to help plan for business expansion

Website and Server Monitoring Site24x7

Monitor end-user experience of your web applications and websites from 50+ locations worldwide

Displays public status pages for your APIs about your service

Monitor applications and web service performance from locations close to your customers

Complementary to ManageEngine Applications Manager, which monitors end-user experience from within the data centre

With networks and server environments becoming more complex over time, having a robust network and server monitoring solution in place is crucial. Wanstor and ManageEngine offer comprehensive network and server monitoring capabilities that help IT teams to monitor network and server performance, detect faults in real time, troubleshoot errors, and prevent downtime. Being a powerful network and server monitoring tool, it supports multi-vendor IT environments and can scale to fit your network or server environment, regardless of its size.

The benefits of partnering with Wanstor and ManageEngine to monitor and manage your network and server environment include:

  • Monitor the Health of all Network Devices: Keep tabs on all your network devices performance that includes server performance, switches performance and routers performance, to make sure they are available all the time. Important network performance metrics like Errors and Discards, Disk Utilization, CPU and Memory Utilization, DB count etc. are monitored continuously.
  • Gain Visibility in Network Traffic with NetFlow: SNMP performance provides total IN/OUT traffic flowing through interfaces. For in-depth network performance visibility, ManageEngine OpManager offers flow-based traffic monitoring which provides insights into top bandwidth consumers and network performance trends.
  • Automate Network Change and Configuration Management: Changes in network configuration by unauthorized personnel may produce catastrophic security threats. With OpManager, it is now possible to backup network configurations so that normality can be restored in the event of a security breach. It is also possible to automate repetitive tasks through scripts and templates.
  • Analyse and Troubleshoot WAN Issues: OpManager helps network monitoring by leveraging Cisco IPSLA to help visualize your WAN links and troubleshoot WAN outages and performance issues. OpManager's WAN RTT (Round-Trip Time) monitor provides details on WAN link latency, bandwidth utilization, Round-Trip-Time, and hop-by-hop performance to resolve poor WAN performance.
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot VoIP Performance: OpManager helps monitor VoIP services using Cisco IPSLA technology. With OpManager it is now easy to troubleshoot poor VoIP performance and obtain Source-to-Destination and Destination-to-Source data on Packet Loss, Delay and Jitter values.
  • Availability: Maintaining 100% uptime all the time is a necessity. OpManager will ping the monitored devices at the defined monitoring intervals, and if any device is down or if the response time or packet loss is huge, OpManager will notify IT administrators immediately by sending an e-mail or a text message.
  • CPU and Memory: High CPU or memory usage on a physical server, virtual machine or network device can considerably affect the performance of the devices, which may in turn affect the end user. OpManager lets IT Administrators monitor devices using SNMP, WMI, Telnet, SSH, VMware native API. And if the monitored value exceeds the defined threshold limit, OpManager will notify you through e-mail or text message, so you can quickly troubleshoot the problem.
  • Disk Usage: The last thing IT administrators want is users calling to tell you an application is down because the drive is full. OpManager can monitor the drive and raise an alert when it crosses the defined threshold limit.
  • Interface Availability and Bandwidth Monitoring: Monitoring interface availability and bandwidth is as important as monitoring the device itself. If the port is down or if traffic flow is high, the performance of the application and the end user experience can be adversely affected. OpManager monitors availability, traffic, errors, and discards of the interface and immediately alerts you when the threshold limit is violated, so you can immediately rectify the problem.

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