Microsoft has decades of security experience and they are completely committed to compliance. They are very security-aware as they continue to build on their Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, they continue to integrate threat-mitigation practices in order to offer the strongest possible protection for your data.

With your data being your organisational lifeblood, Microsoft recognise that protecting it is mission-critical. They ensure that they have the systems and processes in place to make sure that you comply with the most stringent compliance requirements, even if you are not specifically bound by extensive regulation regarding the use, transmission and storage of your data.

Microsoft Azure Security Measures

Some of Microsoft's security measures include:

Secure Identity
  • Azure, using the Azure Active Directory (AAD), allows you to manage your user identities and credentials. This helps to ensure that only your authorised users can access your Azure environment, your data and your applications.
  • Multi-factor authentication can also be implemented to add an extra layer of security, forcing your users to verify their sign in via a mobile application, phone call or text message.
  • Included is a strong privileged identity management feature that reduces the risk associated with administrative access.
Secure Infrastructure
  • Azure‚Äôs infrastructure is designed as a secure foundation that offers a wide array of configurable security options in a multitenant architecture.
  • They utilise virtual local area network (VLAN) isolation, IP filters, access control lists (ACLs) and load balancers, along with traffic flow policies and network address translation (NAT) to separate your traffic and data.
  • Azure also implements isolation for tenants, storage and virtual networks.
  • Microsoft has a large team that continuously monitors servers, networks and applications in order to detect and manage threats.
  • You have the option to deploy third-party security solutions within your subscription, such as web application firewalls, network firewalls, anti-malware and the like.
  • Microsoft give you a lot of control of your cloud assets using their Azure Security Centre, allowing you to define policies and deploy integrated security solutions according to your needs.
  • Microsoft's physical data centres are protected by layers of defense, such as fencing, video cameras, security personnel etc.
Secure Applications and Data
  • Microsoft Azure uses industry-standard protocols to encrypt both data in transit and at rest.
  • They use numerous encryption mechanisms, including SSL/TLS, IPsec, and AES.
  • The Microsoft Azure team can only access your data with your explicit agreement and that access is logged and fully audited, with permission being revoked on completion of any required work.
  • You are able to use Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) for file and data level encryption. This helps prevent unintentional or deliberate leakage of data by authorised users.

The team at Wanstor, as highly accredited Microsoft Gold Partners with a great deal of Microsoft Azure experience, understand all of the ins and outs of Azure security and would be able to advise you on Azure security best practice for your business.

Ensure you have the correct Azure security for your business.

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