IT Security is an on-going process and activity that is constantly maintained and enhanced as new threats are identified and new measures introduced to tackle those threats.

Microsoft has put multiple measures in place to prevent, detect and mitigate breaches and they are constantly updating their setup, services and applications in order to remain both secure and compliant.

Top Default Microsoft Office 365 Security Features

As you would imagine, there are a large number of Microsoft Office 365 security features, including:

  • At the physical layer, Microsoft has strict access restrictions in place at their geographically distributed data centres. They use measures such as smart cards, bio-metric scanners, motion sensors, video surveillance, security personnel and the like to ensure only authorised and fully vetted personnel get access to their data centre environments.
  • The vast majority of operations that are carried out on hosts and apps are automated with a view to limiting human access to data, with access privileges only being granted to perform specific, defined tasks based on job role and with 'just-in-time' access approval.
  • Microsoft continuously scans ports, runs perimeter vulnerability scanning, carries out operating system security patching, takes DDoS detection and prevention very seriously and provides for multi-factor authentication for service access.
  • As part of their development process, Microsoft ensures that everything that they do conforms to agreed security best practices. That helps to ensure that each new iteration of Microsoft Office 365 is secure.
  • All Microsoft data centres comply with accepted security standards and are ISO27001, ISO27018, FSIMA and FedRAMP accredited.
  • Microsoft is able to quarantine any infected systems quickly should any malware be detected, with regular updates, hotfixes and patches being applied to keep their software and systems secure.
  • Microsoft has tools to automatically monitor and identify abnormal or suspicious behaviour and respond quickly to minimise risk.
  • They have extensive network perimeter protection at the network edge and at points throughout the network. They only allow required connections across their network.
  • Microsoft strictly enforce hard password requirements. These are passwords of a minimum length and complexity.
  • Microsoft has designed their systems to allow for multiple customers to use the same hardware and resources, with ensuring that your data is protected using strict security boundaries.
  • They have a robust email protection system to guard against spam, viruses and malware with Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and their Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) filtering service that provide real time protection.

Top Microsoft Office 365 Security Features that you can control

Each Office 365 application offers individualised security features that allow you to meet your compliance requirements, provide or restrict access to documents, configure your anti-malware and anti-spam controls and encrypt your data.

  • You can protect your data using rights management services (RMS), secure multipurpose Internet Mail Extension, Office 365 Message Encryption and secure mail flow with a third party partner organisation.
  • They allow you to fully encrypt your business data in transit using technologies such as SSL/TLS, AES and at rest by using BitLocker.
  • You can route your data through your own anti-malware service that can scan and protect including all of your incoming, outgoing and internal email messages.
  • Your team can use advanced junk mail options to manage their safe and blocked senders.
  • You can use your Active Directory to control access to your business data and how it is used, giving you granular control over how your users access the Office 365 service.
  • You can use Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), your local Active Directory or third party secure tokens to control access.
  • Your users can take advantage of a single sign-on and you can enforce multi-factor authentication, limit access to Office 365 by device type, limit access by connectivity type (eg. only your corporate network) and providing role-based access control.

The team at Wanstor, as highly accredited Microsoft Gold Partners with a great deal of Office 365 experience, understand all of the ins and outs of Office 365 security and would be able to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of Office 365 for your business.

Ensure you have the correct Office 365 security for your business.

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