For many businesses their IT networks continue to grow in complexity, with more connected devices and applications to manage than ever before. This increase in devices and applications has led to a lack of visibility into who and what is connecting to the network as well as increased security concerns.

IT departments have generally addressed these network security concerns by continually adding more security systems and vendors to their networks. However, multiple solutions from multiple vendors also produce disconnected sources of information. This results in unrelated systems generating data that needs to be manually pieced together to accurately identify a network threat and determine which remediating action should be taken.

Wanstor can help your business to automate this process by deploying a Network Access Control solution which collects data from across the network, consolidates the data and then shares with users, vendors and systems that need to know where the security threats are.

Working with leading vendor partners in the IT security market field, Wanstor can design a Network Access Control solution which unifies, consolidates and automates data and information from a variety of sources. At Wanstor we offer Network Access Control solutions which encompass:

Network Vulnerability Assessments

We help our customers understand where potential and current network vulnerabilities are by analysing user identities, authorisation levels, network access methods, and a company’s general approach to IT security.

Network Forensics

We undertake forensic examinations of our customer’s networks to capture information about user identities, traffic from devices, network authorisation levels, and endpoint device identification. By capturing and analysing this information, we help our customers to identify the users and devices they need to take action with based on their level of threat to the network and the business.

Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Device Management

We make sure enterprise mobility management and mobile device management platforms are connected. We undertake regular security posture checks with our customers so that compliance levels are maintained and the correct network access levels for different user groups are in place.

Integration of Security Information, Event Management and Threat Defense

We enable our customers SIEM and TD platforms to work with their network security protocols, user identity engines, network authorisation levels, endpoint device identification, and security posture information. This provides businesses with a comprehensive view of individual security events and can help them understand how to manage them better.

Identity-access Management and Single Sign-on

We help our customers set and adjust access to operating systems based on network and device risk levels. We create security policies for different levels of users based on their device, location, and the application they are trying to access.

Cloud Access

We help our customers to monitor and detect software-as-a-service (SaaS) policy abuse, such as data being taken out of the business without permission or the signing in to cloud software without the right permissions. This makes sure any data stored in the cloud is only accessed by the right user on a secure device.

Network and Application Performance

We help customers to provide context across user identity, devices, access, and location with application performance events. This information helps businesses to prioritise business critical application events faster and enables root cause analysis to take place.

Wanstor Network Access Control (NAC) Service Benefits

By partnering with Wanstor for Network Access Control businesses will benefit from:

  • Better protection of business assets: The right NAC solution will help your business to enforce your businesses security compliance policies for all endpoints in your network.
  • Comprehensive network security control: All the access methods that endpoints use to connect to the network are covered, including switching, wireless, WA, IP Security, and remote access – Freeing up your IT team to concentrate on other projects.
  • Controlled endpoints: Our NAC solution validates all endpoints regardless of their operating system. It also provides the ability to put in place tiered security levels for different endpoints meaning IT staff can concentrate on the most critical/vulnerable areas.
  • A multivendor solution: NAC gives businesses the opportunity to design and implement a world class multi-vendor security solution. This gives customers reassurance that they can select the best possible security products for their business, deploy them and then manage them in a way which fits with existing IT infrastructure.
  • Leveraging existing technologies and standards: NAC extends the use of existing communications protocols and security technologies, meaning security compliance is made easier for IT teams to manage.
  • Leveraging existing network and antivirus investments: NAC combines existing investments in network infrastructure and security technology to provide a secure admission control solution.

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