Business WiFi (WLAN)

Wanstor helps businesses to plan, design and manage wireless networks which are fast, secure, and reliable.

Our WiFi services and solutions help keep staff productive and customers online at business locations.


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Local Area Networking (LAN)

Wanstor helps businesses to plan, design and manage their Local Area Networks (LAN’s).

Our LAN services and solutions enable businesses to scale their networks as their business grows, reduces security risks and makes sure the network is always available so staff can be productive.

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Wide Area Networking (WAN)

Wanstor helps businesses to plan, design, deploy and optimise their Wide Area Networks (WAN’s).

Our WAN services and solutions enable businesses to reduce WAN operating costs, increase network agility through automation, and give higher broadband performance for business critical applications.

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Internet Access

Wanstor provides businesses across the UK with fast, secure and reliable internet access. At Wanstor we understand businesses need to be able to stay connected 24/7. Our internet access and broadband solutions are designed to deliver high performance connectivity, be easy to use for IT teams, and operationally cost-effective.

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Network Access Control (NAC)

Wanstor provides businesses with a network access control platform which increases the effectiveness of existing IT security operations, aligns IT platforms to a consistent source of user and their devices, and helps IT staff to proactively identify, assess and respond to different network security events.

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Enjoy fast, reliable and secure data infrastructure for your business.

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