New Site Opening Services for Charities

Wanstor works with a variety of charity customers to help them put in place the IT they need for new site openings to be fully operational from the first day.

At Wanstor we understand that when the decision to open up a new site happens, it can lead to a range of complex IT issues and demands from the charity and its stakeholders to make the new site opening a success. Wanstor has worked with a number of charities to successfully open new sites that are fully operational from the first day of opening.

The new site opening services we offer to charities include:

Internet access & connectivity: Ethernet Leased Line, Ethernet First Mile, FTTC, ADSL and Business Mobile

Ethernet Leased Lines: Provide your charity with secure, high-speed internet access and connectivity solutions. Our Ethernet leased line service is fully managed, enterprise grade, enjoys low latency, and gives you the option for high bandwidth, added resilience and integrated firewall security.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM): Is a resilient, scalable Ethernet service that gives you dedicated connectivity and guaranteed service levels. Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is delivered between 2 and 8 bonded copper pairs and provides many of the benefits of Ethernet Leased Lines, at a lower cost.

Business FTTC Internet Access and Connectivity: Is a fast, reliable option that provides charities with the speed they need to operate effectively. Where available, our Business FTTC Internet Access and Connectivity service is ideal for remote workers and smaller offices that require greater speeds than ADSL can provide.

Business ADSL Internet Access and Connectivity: Provides charities with fast, reliable upload and download speeds for your remote office and home worker needs.

Business Mobile: Business Mobile Internet Access and Connectivity is a way for charities to gain access to a quick Internet Access deployment, with built-in resiliency.

24/7 Engineering support: We can provide highly qualified IT engineers to help you with installation, maintenance, moves and changes throughout the site build process. Additionally we can provide remote IT support for incident management, request fulfilment and event management.

Wi-Fi design, deployment & in life management: We can work with you to align your charity and technical requirements for a Wi-Fi deployment at a new site. We can help you evaluate your current environment, identify areas of risk, highlight opportunities for improvement, and determine next steps for a successful Wi-Fi deployment. Additionally we offer 24x7 IT support for your wireless network.

Server & data management: Our multi-vendor, cross technology server and data management services make sure your charity has early visibility of server technologies which are being released by the key vendors. We offer pre-configuration and asset tagging of system hardware, and make sure all products are asset tagged prior to deployment in accordance with your IT standards. We also offer a Build Management Service which is designed to enhance existing in-house capabilities. Finally, our Configuration Centre offers remote build access to facilitate pre-building of hardware with personalisation of assets prior to deployment.

Supply Chain: Wanstor’s End-to-End Supply Chain Lifecycle Approach enables charities to identify, determine and procure the appropriate products and commercials to address their technology requirements, providing a complete service and support throughout the entire lifecycle. The supply chain services Wanstor provides include: Product selection, benchmarking, service governance, commercial and portfolio management, configuration and asset tagging, build management and logistics planning.

LAN design & deployment: We can work with you to deliver an optimised and structured network design which takes into account server and storage environments, IT infrastructure designs, identification of the right routing, switching and data centre networking vendors for your business, and that the right IT support models are put in place before any new network service goes live. Additionally we can help provide 24x7 IT support for your network throughout the new site build process giving your business access to our NOC, 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line engineers.

Physical Infrastructure (Sensors, Cables & CCTV): – Wanstor helps charities design, implement and manage the physical infrastructure foundations needed to support their different sites across the UK. From the data centre to the workplace, our services encompass building management systems, energy management solutions and every stage of the cabling lifecycle.

Project Management: At Wanstor we understand all IT projects are unique, and in house IT teams need access to people and resources who have successfully been involved with IT infrastructure projects previously. Our breadth of professional capability, expertise and experience helps make sure that you attain your site opening goals as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Benefits of Wanstor’s New Site Opening Services for Charities

  • Cost Reduction: We can help you maximise IT infrastructure investments by aligning your IT budget and new site charity needs. Additionally, we provide a flexible 24/7 IT support model matching IT support to daily operations. Alongside consistent control of your IT spend, we help our customers with greater visibility across their entire IT estate. This enables them to make informed budgetary decisions that reduce IT operating and capital expenditure costs.
  • Access to Skilled Resources: We can provide your charity with access to an extensive range of technical expertise. This will help to free your own IT resources to focus on innovation & strategic programmes of work instead of the resource/admin heavy work of a new site opening.
  • Risk Avoidance: We can help you maximise value in technology investments by working with you on your IT roadmaps. We can also help you regain control over multi-vendor IT environments in your sites through best practice processes, people & technology support services. This results in reduced security risks & improved management of software, data & associated operating systems.
  • Growth & Business Change: For all of our customers we make sure we align IT to your charities objectives. This helps our customers achieve their goals & deliver change management programmes of work to improve their charity.
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation: We take a holistic approach to IT in new site builds by evaluating specific implications of new technologies for charities & providing robust IT solutions that deliver the right technical and commercial outcomes.
  • Environmental Accountability: Our IT asset disposal, recycling & recovery service is fully transparent, secure & compliant. This helps our customers to achieve their goals around corporate social responsibility, energy efficiency & carbon footprint reduction.

For more information about Wanstor’s new site opening services for charities, please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our technology experts will give you a call back.

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