Hardware Monitoring

Wanstor and PRTG can help IT departments to monitor their hardware and check to make sure all servers work and computers are accessible. We do this through PING testing. We provide an alert as soon as a ping test fails, and give IT team’s real time information about hardware failures. This enables IT teams to fix network and hardware problems in quicker timeframes compared to manual reporting methods.

Wanstor and PRTG provide the monitoring tools for IT administrators to monitor their hardware and checks to make sure all servers work and computers are accessible. If the ping test fails, PRTG provides an alert, and lets IT administrators to fix network and hardware problems on the straight away. The hardware monitoring tool we deploy on our customers networks monitors the status and properties of all hardware of different producers like IBM, Dell, Cisco, Synology or Linksys. It additionally gives you a system information overview for every device.

The features of PRTG’s hardware monitoring tool include:

CPU and RAM Monitoring: The hardware monitoring tool monitors your CPUs and memory capacities at a glance. The monitoring tool alerts IT administrators ahead of time if there are any issues with loads, temperature, or any other failures.

Hard drive monitoring: An alert is provided if the amount of free disk space becomes too low, records changes in data, and can even determine if a certain file is available. Data losses are avoided, and hard drives can quickly be replaced or supplemented. Even NAS systems and storage area networks (SANs) can be monitored.

Printer monitoring: Our hardware monitoring tool also monitors network printers. This gives IT administrator’s information regarding the printer's accessibility, the cartridge's ink level, the number of printed pages, and whether any specific error messages have appeared.

Router and switch monitoring: the hardware monitoring tools monitor network hardware (routers, switches), as well as everything else of interest to IT administrators, such as network traffic, software, and websites. This helps IT administrators to learn which devices, programs, or users produce the most traffic in their network, or where in your network shortages are occurring.

Other hardware and devices: Hardware monitoring tools can monitor any other computer and devices which support SNMP. Our API and custom sensors are available for your individual monitoring setup. Additionally, PRTG performs the monitoring of environmental settings, such as the temperature and humidity inside server rooms.

By partnering with Wanstor and PRTG for your hardware monitoring tools your organisation can benefit from:

  • Improved reliability and understanding of IT infrastructure: Our hardware monitoring tools run in the background and keeps a 24/7 an eye on your hardware. IT administrators are alerted before things become urgent - which means they can proactively fix problems before they start affecting the business or end users.
  • Work with improved confidence and belief in your IT infrastructure: With hardware monitoring IT administrators receive a data dashboard comprised of amazing features which make monitoring network devices simpler and easier. The intuitive web user interface provides IT teams with an overview of all sensor data.
  • Save time and IT administrator effort: The time IT administrators spend checking hardware is now freed up for other tasks. This opens the way for IT administrators to be allocated onto more strategically important projects and programmes of work, instead of spending time on routine tasks.
  • Optimised sourcing: Thanks to the overview the hardware monitoring tools give, IT administrators can promptly scale hardware when needed, i.e. procure new hard drives before they are full, and replace devices in a timely manner. This leads to reduced IT costs with needs-based purchases.
  • Improved hardware management: With PRTG and Wanstor hardware monitoring tools, IT teams can create maps and reports demonstrating how effectively the IT system is running compared to past performance when network monitoring tools were not in place.

For more information about Wanstor and PRTG Hardware monitoring services, please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our hardware monitoring experts will give you a callback.

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