Wanstor & PRTG IP Monitoring solutions

Wanstor and PRTG can help IT teams to set up in depth IP monitoring. Our SNMP sensors provide IT administrators a quick overview of which IP’s addresses are live and which ones are not. The SNMP tools alongside our Packet Sniffing and Netflow sensors make sure IT administrators gain an in depth view of the IP addresses they need to keep focussed on. Our IP monitoring solutions help IT teams to optimise their network on a continual basis.

Wanstor and PRTG make it easy for IT administrators to indicate which IP addresses are relevant. The tools we put in place ping all IP addresses and automatically begins to monitor their associated devices when deployed. This helps to save IT administrator time knowing that devices and hardware are regularly being tested via a PING test.

Additionally by configuring Packet Sniffing or NetFlow sensors, Toplists will automatically be generated in the sensor overview. Toplists contain three categories: top talkers, top connections, and top protocols. These lists enable IT administrators to identify the largest bandwidth consumers at a quick glance.

PRTG comes with over 200 pre-configured sensors. Among these are sensors for hardware, bandwidth, websites, and servers. IP Monitoring sensors make getting started with PRTG, or switching from other monitoring software easy and convenient.

The main features of Wanstor and PRTG’s IP scanner tools are:

Real time overview: With PRTG and Wanstor IP scanning tools the IT administrator can quickly and easily understand what is happening with their network. Its central dashboard lets IT administrators see if everything is in the "green." As soon as problems or failures occur, the view immediately jumps to the "red". Thanks to our apps you get to stay abreast of the current status at all times - even when away from the office.

Prompt and customizable alarms: PRTG features a built-in notification function. Its alarm is entirely customizable, which means IT administrators can decide to be alerted by e-mail, SMS, or page. By putting the right alerting and alarms in place IT teams can increase the reliability of their network.

Time savings: PRTG regularly carries out customer surveys. A recent survey showed more than half of our customers indicate that they save two hours or more per week by using PRTG. Over the course of a year, this amounts to around 100 hours per IT administrator.

The benefits of partnering with Wanstor and PRTG for your IP monitoring include:

  • Reduced IT Support costs: Many users of open source solutions are in search of alternatives to their IP or network monitoring. With PRTG, implementation and maintenance is straightforward, IT administrators can configure customizable alarm and notification systems. This helps them to proactively tackle problems on the network before they affect the business or end users meaning less calls to the IT helpdesk and significant cost savings in terms of IT support.
  • Improved IT team support: When it comes to major problems, IT administrators need quick and reliable answers so issues can be clearly identified and resolved. Wanstor provides 24/7 support for all PRTG IP monitoring solutions. Additionally we give IT team’s access to our knowledge meaning they have a large amount of problem solving information at their fingertips without having to phone an IT partner. This leads to improved problem resolution times.
  • User-friendliness: PRTG and Wanstor pride themselves on being user centric IT businesses. We understand as an IT administrator, your job should be as stress-free as possible. The user-friendliness of PRTG has been repeatedly proven in countless consumer tests and the feedback we regularly receive.

For more information about Wanstor and PRTG IP monitoring services, please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our IP monitoring experts will give you a callback.

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