Wanstor and PRTG Windows Monitoring solutions

Wanstor and PRTG can help your IT department to monitor all of its windows servers performance including CPU, memory traffic, uptime, event log monitoring, security monitoring and user defined sensors for individual needs.

Wanstor and PRTG recommend all IT departments use SNMP for the everyday monitoring of Windows servers, for this technology generates extremely low loads. Two other possibilities are performance counters and WMI. Administrators should not create more than 200 WMI sensors per probe, for otherwise performance will take a major hit. WMI is the Windows standard for network monitoring.

The key features of the windows monitoring solution from PRTG and Wanstor include:

Overall monitoring: PRTG provides an overview of the entire network. The software monitors database, mail, web, and virtual servers. Whether CPU, memory, disk space, traffic, uptime, and more: PRTG is an all-around solution that provides IT administrators with the right levels of alerts and reporting across a windows server estate.

Technology: PRTG uses a variety of technologies for its Windows server monitoring. Among these technologies are Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Windows performance counters. As an alternative, you can also use SNMP, which generates significantly lower loads. We also offer packet sniffing and NetFlow sensors for the detailed monitoring of individual data packets.

Individually customizable: Countless parameters can be monitored in Windows. When specific problems arise, administrators need individually customizable monitoring software. PRTG comes with several custom sensors which you can configure to meet particular needs. This enables IT administrators to quickly identify and tackle problems.

Windows Event Log Monitoring: PRTG analyzes Windows Event Log files by default. Event Log files include application and system logs, among others. If an error occurs in the Windows operating system, a special PRTG sensor immediately sounds the alarm so IT administrators can fix it.

Windows Security Monitoring: Security-related data (such as the status of antivirus software) is displayed in the Windows Security Centre. PRTG retrieves this data and integrates it into your monitoring overview. Giving IT administrators a constant overview via a personalised dashboard.

PRTG comes with predefined sensors for monitoring conventional parameters such as CPU, memory, and the network card. The main sensors Wanstor and PRTG provide:

WMI Event Log Sensor: The WMI Event Log Sensor reads the Windows Event Log and provides easy-to-read visuals of the data.

Event Log Windows API Sensor: This sensor uses the Windows Application Programming Interface (API).

WMI Security Centre Sensor: The WMI Security Centre Sensor monitors any product which can be inspected by the Windows Security Centre.

PerfCounter Custom Sensor: The PerfCounter Custom Sensor monitors an individually-compiled set of Windows performance counters.

WMI Custom Sensor: The WMI Custom Sensor uses WMI to execute an individual WQL query and monitors the subsequent return value.

Windows Process Sensor: The Windows Process Sensor monitors a Windows process using performance counters or WMI.

The benefits of working with Wanstor and PRTG for Windows server monitoring include:

  • Centralised tooling: PRTG is a comprehensive monitoring tool that covers all windows monitoring needs. IT administrators get a global overview of their system, available 24/7. This helps them to get rid of having to juggle a variety of specialized tools which only offer isolated solutions and cost precious time.
  • Tried and tested solutions: PRTG and Wanstor have experienced developer teams focused entirely on PRTG. With PRTG, IT teams benefit from solutions which have been worked on for several years. This means IT teams no longer have to continuously program new interfaces as it’s all done already.
  • Easy configuration: The PRTG auto-discovery makes configuration easy. During set up, simply enter an IP range and PRTG will search for available devices and apply predefined sensors. This means IT administrators can get started with some initial monitoring the very first time they open the software.

For more information about Wanstor and PRTG windows monitoring services, please contact us on 0333 123 0360, email us at or fill in the form below and one of our monitoring experts will give you a callback.

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