Our People set Wanstor IT Services apart.

At Wanstor, we understand that there is more to 'work' than simply just turning up, performing a job and leaving to go home.

We offer opportunities to help our people further their careers, better themselves and provide exciting opportunities to work as part of a team.

Read what some of our team have to say about their experiences at Wanstor and discover the technically strength, reliability and loyalty shown by our staff:

"I started my career in IT working for Marks & Spencer plc as a support analyst for over 5000 users worldwide. Dealing with everything from support for various versions of Microsoft Office to troubleshooting mainframe and Citrix Metaframe applications, the scope of the job certainly put me in at 'the deep end'!

"I moved on to become a 2nd/3rd line engineer for the Chancerealm Group, where I had more opportunity to become involved in purchasing and training, as well as valuable experience with the Keiro Mail Server structure and in upgrading Active Directory and DHCP."

"The most rewarding aspect of the work was in finding new procedures to improve communications between clients, or improving those that already exist."

"It's important to accommodate clients' wishes, but a technical adviser has an unusually wide overview of the situation - and therefore a unique chance to suggest and implement creative and economic solutions. It's important to listen, but also to be proactive in finding the best solutions."

"I joined Wanstor in 2006 as a first line engineer, which gave me opportunities to keep up to date with my existing skills and to gain entirely new ones."

"As well as building, configuring and maintaining Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 servers and VMWare configuration and maintenance, I have a very proactive role in visiting clients, checking their infrastructure and making recommendations for improvements."

"The image of technical support staff as basement-dwelling 'geeks' cut off from the mainstream of the business workflow...well, I can't speak for all sectors of the market, but effective business IT requires far more social and mental flexibility.

Manmit Rai was made Wanstor's Operations Manager in 2014 and Operations Director in 2015.

Dustin joined Wanstor more than two years ago as a helpdesk analyst but has since gained a variety of experience as an onsite engineer, undertaking proactive and project work for a number of clients.

Being passionate about technology, Dustin is always looking for an opportunity to learn new skills: "When studying for an exam I generally take my time to understand the product and not just scan through what is needed to pass; this allows my knowledge of a product to increase and ensures a better outcome of projects that involve the technology in question and if there is something that is not clear, I will study it again until it has been perfected".

He became a VMware Certified Professional a few months ago, and whilst continuing to receive the support and supervision of his senior colleagues, was able to undertake the initial stages of his first virtualization project within weeks of completing his course. "I needed the experience of a proper implementation, and this was the first project where I helped build a virtual environment. I virtualised some of the client’s existing servers and rebuilt others. I also was involved in the migration of their data from the old servers to the new ones".

In addition to this he has recently completed a Foundation course in Computer System Management and would like to study further to obtain a BSc.

Wanstor has got a number of care-based customers and Dustin, who has worked as a care co-ordinator feels that he understands the needs of the companies with regards to IT. Currently Dustin undertakes proactive work on day to day basis for various clients and enjoys looking for better solutions to existing problems and constantly thinking about new ideas and how to implement them in order to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

He particularly enjoys project work and researching new technologies: "I would like to work on research, any new technology that has been released and needs to be tested to see if the product would benefit any of our existing or new clients, ironing out the problems with the technology in the test environment and then deploying the new technology".

Currently a technical consultant, he would like to become more senior and develop his expertise in order to be able to offer help to other members of staff in resolving complex problems.

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