Introducing Microsoft Office 365 with the help of a multiple Gold certified Microsoft partner can be very cost effective, quickly offering your team familiar feature rich productivity tools that are both easily accessible and secure.

Our guidance on licensing and our experience helping a multitude of restaurant customers adopt Microsoft Office 365 will help ensure that you enjoy a smooth transitionary process. One that is backed up by our UK based support team who are then available 24x7x365 to monitor and support you and your users, irrespective of where they are located.

By being so easily accessible, while remaining secure and fully updated, your restaurant team will enjoy a noticeable improvement in their productivity without the need for a huge capital outlay. You could, for example, easily disseminate valuable company information, promotions and training materials and know that there will be no issues with everyone on the same enterprise-wide platform.

As a subscription based service, you can quickly and easily increase or decrease the number of team members using your Microsoft Office 365 suite. This gives you immense flexibility and peace of mind as you look to better predict your costs, while removing the worry of future upgrade paths and providing you with new and often better ways of working.

Microsoft Office 365 Benefits for Restaurants

Your restaurant business will benefit from adopting Microsoft Office 365 by:

  • Having your business applications available whenever you need them, backed by a 99.9% up-time guarantee.
  • Allowing you to enjoy enterprise grade security to keep your restaurant data safe.
  • Giving your team access to a familiar and reliable suite of tools, ensuring that they don't need to learn a new tool-set. This leads to happier staff and less turnover.
  • Providing you and your restaurant team with access to your business data from any approved device, located anywhere.
  • Improving your internal, as well as external communications. This helps innovative ideas flow, helps identify customer trends and helps with the reporting of issues.
  • Allowing you to flexibly increase or decrease subscribers at any time, according to your business needs.
  • Reducing your need to invest in and manage your own supporting technology infrastructure.

Some of our Restaurant customers include:

Wagamama Restaurants Hospitality IT Solutions
Jamie's Italian Restaurant IT Solutions
Loungers Restaurants IT Services and IT Support

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We will engage with you to understand your business and your business requirements, before creating a Microsoft Office 365 on-boarding and migration plan designed to allow you t get the most out of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Our team will then be on hand to support you as your Microsoft Partner of Record (POR), ensuring that you follow security best practice and ensuring that all of your business critical Office 365 data is fully backed up at all times.

By engaging with a trusted, multiple Gold certified Microsoft partner, you get access to a local team of experienced and skilled experts who can seamlessly migrate and then fully manage and backup your Office 365 instance on your behalf.

Unlock the value of Office 365 for your restaurant business.

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Case Study

Case Study wagamama IT Outsourcing Restaurants

wagamama and Wanstor expand their relationship with a multi-year outsourcing contract, where Wanstor take responsibility for the entire wagamama operational IT function.

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