Your retail data challenges include the:

Volume of Retail Data

It is now possible to collect a huge number of different customer data points, from web analytics, point of sale (PoS) to store tracking and everything in between. Added to all of the customer data that you collect, you also have all your product and supplier data, as well as the business systems data that you generate from day to day.

Your challenge is to store this data reliably and securely so that you can analyse it and gain insight that will lead to better decisions and an advantage over your competitors. Another challenge is to back up that data so if the worst happens, you are covered.

Variability of your Retail Data

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to retail data is to analyse the variety of different sources and then generate insight that can then be used to drive your efforts, be that purchasing or marketing/selling.

By collecting, classifying and storing all of your data effectively, you will be laying the foundation that you need to become an agile business that is driven by the different data that you collect.

Speed of your Data Analysis

The majority of the value that you gain from analysing the volumes of data available can be found if it is processed, analysed and reported on quickly. You can then base your decisions and strategy on hard, data derived results.

Having real-time operational and transactional systems is critical as it means that you can make live promotional decisions online or in-store, check product availability and respond to your customer's queries immediately and accurately.

By having a reliable, fast data storage solution in place, you can rest easy knowing that you can process your data quickly and make the informed decisions needed to quickly transform your retail operations.

Cost of Retail Data Storage

The challenge when you are creating vast amounts of data is knowing where to store it cost effectively and then where to safely back it up. If your current storage solution is aged, you may find that your technology team is spending more time maintaining and supporting that solution than doing other, more productive work. That is a huge cost to your retail organisation.

By adopting a modern storage solution, you can better support your business objectives, reduce your storage costs and enjoy an improved price/performance ratio.

Some of our Retail customers include:

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Benefits of adopting a modern Data Storage Solution:

  • Better storage performance.
  • Enhanced storage capacity.
  • Reduced data storage costs.
  • Painless storage management and improved ease of use.
  • Improved storage utilisation.
  • Integrated storage solutions with the ability to easily scale.
  • Improved disaster recovery plans.

Our team of experienced and highly accredited storage experts will work closely with you to design, build, implement and manage your storage solution for you. They will ensure that you get access to a complete storage solution that is affordable, fit for purpose, reliable and easily scalable.

Our London based storage team are then on hand 24x7x365, ready to support you and take away the burden from your already overstretched IT team, ensuring that you get the most of out your storage and help you stay agile in an ever changing retail environment.

Get the right data storage solution for your retail business.

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