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Lower your IT costs

Matching cost patterns to computing demands made by your business

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Handle user demand

When your business needs to grow or demand for IT is unpredictable

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Focus on business, not on IT

We monitor your infrastructure and keep your data safe

Find out how Wanstor can support your business.

Our Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services
Public Cloud

We help you to choose and manage the public cloud services your organisation needs. By choosing a public cloud solution, your organisation can save IT operating and maintenance costs, and have the ability to scale up IT infrastructure to cope with different demands

Private Cloud Services
Private Cloud

By choosing a private cloud solution from Wanstor, IT teams can benefit from being able to scale their IT infrastructure as and when they need it, better security, more control over IT resources and improved cloud service reliability compared to public cloud providers

Hybrid Cloud Services
Hybrid Cloud

 With a technology platform that enables orchestration between private and public clouds, Wanstor can help your business design, deploy and manage a hybrid cloud solution which has clear tangible business benefits

Compute Services

Run your most demanding workloads, as well as less compute-intensive applications, in a secure & highly available cloud environment

Storage Services
Storage as a Service

The cloud storage solutions we put in place are secure, resilient, elastic, and simple to use, so data is available when you need it from any environment connected to the internet

Networking Services

Virtual networking enables you to create private networks in the cloud with full control over IP addresses, DNS servers, security rules and traffic flows

Data Analytics Services
Data & Analytics

We provide a data and analytics service which dynamically scales. Instead of deploying, configuring and tuning hardware, you write queries to transform your data and extract valuable insights

Managed Microsoft Office 365 Services
Managed Office 365

We offer a range of professional services to help you design, deploy and manage Microsoft Office 365 including – Explore & Evaluate, Design & Deliver, and In-Life Management

Database Services

We can work with you to select, manage and deploy managed database services for app development and deployment that allows IT teams to stand up a database in minutes and scale as required

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