Data Storage Solutions

Explore our range of fully managed data storage solutions, including Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Attached Network (SAN)

Our knowledgeable team of data storage experts will ensure that you get the best data storage solution for both your current and future data storage needs, ensuring that your business critical applications run effectively, keeping your organisation productive.

Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is dedicated, entry-level data storage that is designed to give you superb flexibility and easy scalability when you require an efficient, fully redundant data storage solution in order to run effectively.

DAS, with excellent throughput capabilities, is best used for rich media, web servers, data archiving and databases. It comes in a number of different form factors, from 1U to 4U and can include a variety of drive types, depending on your need.

As the name suggests, Direct Attached Storage connects directly to your local workstations or servers, ensuring that connections are quick, database queries are fast and your team is happy.

DAS allows you to connect up to 4 different servers, or hosts, providing you with block-access storage that is cluster ready and is highly available.

Direct Access Storage is dedicated to your technology environment, is scalable up to 96 hard drives, is fast and very cost effective.

Schematic of a Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Solution

Benefits of our Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Solution

By adding DAS to your infrastructure, you will benefit from:

  • A simple solution that doesn't add to the complexity of your IT environment
  • Highly available and highly reliable data storage
  • Extremely flexible and scalable enterprise grade data storage
  • A solution that can handle most of your data storage needs
  • A secure and compliant data storage option
  • A budget-friendly storage option that allows you to avoid the cost of added servers for extra storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Enjoy highly secure, high performance and scalable data storage with Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Your NAS connects directly to your network and allows multiple users to access and share the data stored on it quickly and easily.

Your network attached storage provides support for both file and block level access storage protocols, snapshots and clones, which all helps with your data backup and replication needs.

NAS is ideal for a host of use cases, from load balanced web servers to long term data archival and the storage of rich media.

Benefits of our Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solution

By adding NAS to your infrastructure, you will benefit from:

  • A simple ways of adding reliable data storage to your network
  • The flexibility to add anything from 100GB to 1500TB, ensuring that all of your storage needs can be met
  • Easy and secure access by numerous servers and users from multiple locations
  • Being able to introduce fast solid state media
  • Excellent fault tolerance through the introduction of RAID arrays and clustering to ensure data reliability
  • The flexibility to add remote replication and backup options
Schematic of a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solution

Storage Attached Network (SAN)

A Storage Attached Network (SAN) provides you with enterprise grade data storage performance and reliability, providing you with access to consolidated block level data storage.

A SAN appears to your servers as locally attached devices and comes in two flavours: sSAN for a shared storage area network and dSAN for a dedicated storage area network.

sSAN provides you with block-level access storage, whereas dSAN provides you with both file and block-level storage protocols for your data storage.

Your Storage Area Network (SAN) will provide you with a very reliable data storage solution based on fully redundant architecture, while providing you with the ability to easily scale your storage based on your changing business needs.

Your SAN can be configured specifically for your needs, with specific access protocols and capacity options, as well as RAID configurations available to keep your data protected and available.

Once your needs change, our experienced data storage engineers can quickly and easily expand on your storage solution for you, setting up snapshots and clones, remote replication and storage array tiering if required.

Schematic of a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solution

Benefits of our Storage Attached Network (SAN) Solution

By adding SAN to your infrastructure, you will benefit from:

  • The ability to scale to a huge number of data storage disks
  • Only paying for what you currently need, letting you add capacity on demand
  • Improved utilisation through the use of thin provisioning
  • Enhanced SAN performance, with traffic carried on its own private network away from user and backup traffic
  • Data and workload isolation, where your data is protected by zones
  • Unequalled uptime. SANs do not need rebooting to have disks added or replaced
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