Data Centre Migration

Wanstor helps businesses move applications and IT infrastructure from one location to another as part of their data centre migration projects.

Increased business demand for IT functionality has driven considerable data centre growth. Unsupported applications alongside unplanned data centre demands have also meant many businesses data centres no longer satisfy the needs of the business. At Wanstor we recognise that inefficient IT processes and cumbersome IT platforms will slow down business change and become a barrier to business growth. It is at this point where businesses need to seriously consider migrating their existing datacenter operations to a new architecture.

At Wanstor, we see the following trends as reasons why businesses should be giving data centre migration serious consideration:

  • Data Centre Facilities need upgrading to keep pace with business demand: The existing data centre facility may be out of space or the existing infrastructure too old or complex to replace or refurbish. Additionally if the data centre is inefficient it may not be providing the support the business needs whilst being seen as a costly resource.
  • Data Centre Footprint Reduction: Data centres take up a lot of space and can cost a significant amount of money to run. In light of this, many businesses are investigating how they can downsize their data centre operating model from 'owner / operator', to outsourced, or hosting models.
  • Business Continuity Improvements: Many existing data centre facilities were built when businesses did not have to deal with media rich applications, websites which require a constant uptime and users who only worked on 1 or 2 devices. As user and customer IT expectations have risen so have the expectations on the businesses data centre. As so much pressure is placed on the existing data centre, disaster recovery and business continuity requirements are continuously overlooked.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: One of the most common reasons is due to M&A activity where the new company has too many data centres and needs to rationalise systems into a lesser number of facilities.
  • End of Facility Lifetime: Redevelopment of physical premises often triggers the need for data centre exits. As business space is costing more to rent in city locations across the UK, many businesses cannot afford to have a data centre facility as part of their building and need to look at cheaper hosting options to maximise office space investments.
  • Cloud Migration: Cloud migrations are increasingly relevant to data centre migration projects. While all legacy systems will not be candidates for cloud, this type of initiative often triggers the need for data centre consolidation and migration.

In light of the above reasons to migrate a data centre, Wanstor provides a range of services to help a successful data centre migration take place, including:

Current State Audit

Enables an accurate understanding of the current data centre facilities, assets and processes to be captured. It takes a modular approach to support businesses at varying levels of asset understanding. These range from simple environment-focused audits to the mapping of complex business applications.

Migration Design and Planning

Wanstor can work with your business to develop tailored, risk-profiled designs and migration plans to achieve data centre change objectives. This will use the knowledge of the estate and the business imperatives developed and agreed during the Current State Audit stage.

Target Infrastructure Design

We will put in place a data centre design which meets your businesses requirements both now and in the future. We consider all IT infrastructure, datacenter environments and components when in the design phase and then test the operational and logistical processes to validate whether the new data centre design will actually work.

Procurement and Logistics

We can help your business purchase permanent and temporary infrastructure across multiple partners and suppliers. We can help your business identify the optimal hardware and software mix for your chosen data centre infrastructure and then deliver and install it when it is ready.

Asset Management

Wanstor can provide an asset management approach and tools, making sure central management of new, temporary, disposed, relocated and retained assets.

Target Infrastructure Readiness

We can run pilot tests across your new data centre infrastructure to validate the logistical and technical approach which has been taken. This comprises the data centre environment, operational components and the testing of migration processes to make sure the new data centre is fully operational before it moves to an in life stage.


At this stage we work with your business to execute defined processes and control systems to deliver the agreed migration events in accordance with your migration schedule. This takes into account any lessons learned during the pilot migrations, the business requirements for testing and service acceptance requirements into operational teams.

Business Operational Testing

It is essential to confirm the post-migration state prior to go-live. At this stage we undertake pre-migration checks such as warm/cold re-boots, acceptance testing, and re-use of existing scripts and processes.

Disposal and Decommissioning

At the end of an asset’s life it is important that it is disposed of in a safe, compliant and fully auditable way. Wanstor’s end-of-life asset management services include remarketing, redeployment, recycling and disposal, all delivered in line with compliance requirements.

Wanstor Data Centre Migration Benefits

Wanstor has over 15 years’ experience of delivering data centre migration projects. By working with Wanstor for data centre migration projects businesses can benefit from:

  • Lower IT operational costs: A data centre migration can reduce your IT operational costs by simplifying your data centre environment. Additionally by using best in class technologies it increases environmental efficiencies, while decreasing power, floor space, licensing and maintenance costs.
  • Increased reliability of data centre: A migration improves productivity of equipment, reduces IT operational risks and potential downtime by providing consistent and increased performance for service level agreements and objectives.
  • Improved responsiveness to changing business needs: A data centre migration produces a leaner more effective IT infrastructure environment. It improves availability, performance, and flexibility of data centre services, enabling a scalable infrastructure and application platform that can meet evolving user demands as the business changes or grows.
  • Better security: A migration helps many businesses to see where security gaps exist and provides them with a focus on how to fix any immediate problems. Additionally as a new IT infrastructure architecture will be simplified in many ways, a more standardised, process driven approach to security can be adopted.
  • Improved IT service levels: A data centre migration produces a higher level of consistent service at a reduced cost. As the environment will be simplified and better understood by the whole IT department, it will provide opportunities for greater interoperable and portable IT services and solutions that enable diversity across the business and truly moves IT to a business enabler and not a cost centre amongst senior stakeholders.
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