Data Centre Transformation

Wanstor helps businesses drive data centre transformation by removing cost, complexity and barriers to change.

We are seeing a number of disruptive technologies, devices and applications impacting customer data centres. No longer can businesses afford to treat data centre facilities and IT assets as a single entity, with a single infrastructure. In previous years, if workloads or applications changed, the IT team simply expanded their existing data centre, or built a new one to cope with extra demands.

However in today’s technology based business world, IT Directors are having to plan ahead for data centres which are likely to shrink due to shifts in workloads into external facilities, virtualisation, increased density, as well dealing with monolithic legacy systems and a changing IT finance landscape.

The compelling reasons why many businesses are currently investigating data centre transformation projects include:

  • Business expectations of 100% IT availability in supporting day-to-day operations.
  • New business services and applications needing to be delivered by the IT team so that end users can be productive each day, every day.
  • Compliance requirements by industry bodies expanding, meaning businesses are having to review their data storage and information management strategies or else face large fines.
  • As more and more data is produced by staff, customers, suppliers and partners, a relevant data centre infrastructure needs to be put in place to cope with increasing demand – legacy data centre infrastructures are already working at their maximum capacity. How will they cope with the deluge of data as we move to a digital world?
  • Operational and maintenance costs are increasing as businesses continue to use what they have, and not upgrade to IT infrastructure which costs less to run and gives better business results.
  • Many data centres have low resource utilisation as most servers are only used for one or two things. It is widely reported that 80% of computing is idle or wasted, undertaking processes which are not required by the business, but still take place.
  • Complex IT service management and deployment models mean engineering time is taken up with manual processes around security, patch management and system updates rather than being able to concentrate on other strategically important tasks for the business.

To help support customer data centre transformation projects, Wanstor has a range of services available. These include:

Due Diligence

At the beginning of any data centre transformation project we undertake a complete study of the present data centre state, supporting processes and day to day operations. We then make immediate tactical recommendations if there are any significant security, risk or compliance flaws.


Working with your IT team our engineers undertake assessments of the existing data centre infrastructure and resource usage. During assessment we look at system dependencies, distribution modes on servers, physical server usage (CPU, memory, disk & network connectivity), physical devices which need support and devices which could be virtualised.

Consulting and Planning

At this stage we build the business case for data centre transformation and put down the principles of an IT infrastructure strategy which will work for your business. Activities to help us define the right data centre transformation strategy for your business include – Data collection across all areas of the data centre, definition of service requirements, selection of the right IT architecture and a risk register around current IT infrastructure and what needs to be supported throughout the transformation cycle.

Solution Design

We work with your IT team and key business stakeholders to build a robust data centre infrastructure solution which takes into account performance, capacity, migration and implementation.

Consolidation and Implementation

At this stage we fully design the solution, establish the right network platform, consolidate servers and storage, track implementation of the transformation, communicate progress of the project with senior stakeholders and test all systems which are required for the new data centre to work in life.

Operations and In-Life

Once we have passed through the implementation stage we will work with your IT team to perform project acceptance testing and compare performance of the new data centre against the old one> If any changes are required to further optimise new infrastructure, these will be undertaken by skilled engineers also responsible for successfully move the new data centre to in-life IT operations.

Wanstor Data Centre Transformation Benefits

By partnering with Wanstor to deliver data centre transformation, businesses can benefit from:

  • Leading performance architecture: Wanstor can help your business improve interoperability between data centres and existing IT infrastructure, and offer easy and gradual migrations from old data centres to hybrid ones which use private and public cloud.
  • Automated management of service level agreements: System performance can be allocated to application data by simply defining the priority or the response time, meaning your data centre technology can easily fit into existing IT SLAs.
  • Improved business continuity: We offer data mirroring and data replication functions, supporting a simple and transparent failover to avoid planned or unplanned downtime. Additionally with best in class IT infrastructure deployed unplanned downtime will be at a minimum.
  • Flexible data reduction technology: We provide advanced inline data reduction technologies in combination with flexible configuration options.
  • Reduced IT operating costs: Wanstor’s data centre solutions are proven to offer higher IT performance, reduced IT administrator time, and require less space, power and cooling resources. All of these factors combined help businesses to cut IT operational costs.
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