Continual Service Improvement

Wanstor understands IT and technology is constantly evolving, and your business needs to keep pace with these changes. This is why for all our customers we put in place a Continual Service Improvement (CSI) plan.

The CSI plans we execute enable our customers to take advantage of their IT capabilities and resources, find ways to make IT even more cost effective and helps to deliver even greater business value. By implementing the right CSI plan businesses can make sure the IT services they receive from suppliers are ready for the challenges they face today and tomorrow.

As businesses depend more on IT services, it is vital that IT departments continually evaluate and improve their IT services and the IT service management processes that enable those IT services. A formal, proactive continual service improvement (CSI) practice can help businesses to achieve their IT service level agreements.

By implementing a CSI programme businesses can take optimal advantage of their IT capabilities and resources, find ways to make IT even more efficient, and deliver real tangible business benefits.

At Wanstor we use a seven-step improvement process, linked to a Data-Information-Knowledge and Wisdom model:

Continual Service Improvement Model Schematic

Wanstor IT Service Desk Continual Service Improvement Benefits

The model helps our customers to identify existing issues with IT services they provide and what they need to do to plan ahead for the future. By using a CSI approach businesses can benefit from:

  • An improved IT service desk strategy based on users feedback and where the IT market is going in terms of new technologies and how existing technologies will be supported.
  • IT Service Desk design which is fully focussed on users, the business and the customers it serves.
  • Service transition plans which are focussed on risk management, knowledge management, change management, service assets and configuration management, helping to create a better transition journey from strategy to design to in life operation.
  • An IT Service Desk operation which improves the availability of IT services to the business and delivers a great end user IT experience from first call to issue resolution.
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