IT Outsourcing

Wanstor can provide you with more cost-effective, secure and responsive IT Services that scale and adapt to your business needs, allowing you to focus completely on your core competencies.

As your single point of contact for your ongoing, end-to-end IT needs, we deliver your bundled outsourced IT Services as a utility, whilst providing you with industry leading service levels.

As your stakeholders continue to expect more of you, you recognise the power that technological innovation can bring your business.

You also recognise that as you and your executive team are faced with increasing economic and competitive pressures, it makes sense to engage with a trusted, proven and fully accountable IT partner who can work closely with you to deliver your technology, freeing you from managing your daily IT operations.

Wanstor have the people, tools and experience to provide you with an optimal, reliable and highly effective IT Outsourcing service that provides you with a raft of benefits, which include:

Focus on your Core Business

An activity such as IT, whilst vital to your day-to-day working and the long-term development of your organisation, is not one of your core business activities. By outsourcing your IT function to an experienced, knowledgeable and trusted partner, you can concentrate on your more important core business activities that will have the biggest impact on your operations and your potential to grow.

With the delivery of IT services being our core business activity, you can rest easy knowing that we have the skills, knowledge and ability to deliver high quality end-to-end IT solutions that are designed to meet your organisational needs, both now and in the future.

Increase your Efficiency

You and your team benefit from access to better technology and more effective methods of service delivery from a single end-to-end partner with a team of proficient IT professionals on hand, each with varied high level areas of technical expertise.

That reduces your overhead, improves the quality of service that you receive and lets you and your team spend more of your time concentrating on activities that realise a real return for your organisation. By maximising your productivity, you improve the quality of service that you, in turn, can provide.

Control your Capital Costs

By outsourcing your IT, many of your traditional fixed CapEx costs become variable OpEx costs, allowing you to do more with less, while receiving a better level of service from more up to date technology. That means that you no longer have to continually invest in rapidly changing technology in order to remain competitive.

We are also able to reduce the amount of internal equipment (such as servers, software costs, desktops etc.) required to either keep your information systems running smoothly or needed to roll out a new, improved IT solution.

This allows you to enjoy enhanced budgetary control and more accurately forecast your annual IT costs.

As a result, as an organisation, you get access to a lower cost of capital and enjoy improved purchasing power.

Reduce your Costs

In addition to better being able to control your capital costs, by outsourcing your IT to Wanstor, you can take advantage of our economies of scale, our bulk buying ability and our experience creating more cost-effective, performance driven networks to further reduce your costs.

Additionally you are able to operate with a smaller, more efficient team, further cutting your costs and leading to improved efficiencies.

This enables you to reduce your IT budget, thereby freeing up financial resources for other uses.

Reduce your Risk

Technology is rapidly changing. Wanstor, as an outsourced IT provider, is perfectly qualified and equipped to adapt to these rapid changes. We constantly work to limit and manage your exposure to risk through the introduction of robust security procedures to deal with constantly changing threats.

Become more Agile

Starting new IT projects can take weeks or months to handle internally as you need to hire and train your people, determine your hardware or software needs and procure all the necessary resources that you need.

On the other hand, if you outsource your IT to Wanstor, you will enjoy much greater agility and flexibility, allowing you to respond more immediately to changes in your market place. This means that you will no longer be constrained by a fixed IT infrastructure, giving you the flexibility and agility that you need to excel.

Instead, you can rely on Wanstor to deliver the resources and capability that you need to respond quickly, backed up by our extensive experience and resources, often with minimal capital expenditure requirements on your part.

We have in the past, for example, installed new business applications for clients in a test environment in our private cloud, reducing the risk should the solution not work as hoped. Once we have fully tested and confirmed that the solution meets their business need as expected, we roll it out in a live environment for immediate use.

Level the Playing Field

Wanstor has invested in the infrastructure and in house skills needed to deliver you with the highly available and highly secure IT Services that were previously the preserve of large organisations with big budgets.

You enjoy our regular equipment refresh activities that give you access to new technology and help ensure that your systems are not holding you back. By outsourcing your IT function, you can gain a huge competitive advantage by having the ability to adopt productivity enhancing strategies, such as remote working, supported by our knowledgeable team who monitor all elements of your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You also benefit from added peace of mind with our integrated resiliency functions for business continuity and disaster recovery. That helps to reduce your risk due to system downtime and helps to ensure that you are always compliant with industry best practice.

These are all activities that you may not otherwise have the time, resources or inclination to do if your IT operation was delivered by an in-house team.

Gain Access to Talent

As outlined before, by outsourcing, you get access to highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people.

With skills in the IT field becoming increasingly specialised, it makes good sense to employ a trusted partner that has invested in such specialised talent and who knows how to find and retain the best people to meet your needs.

Fewer Staff Challenges

As you know, it can cost your organisation unnecessary time and money to find, hire and train your in-house IT staff. Wanstor invest a significant amount of time and money to make sure that we have the right team with the correct, up-to-date technical knowledge needed to excel.

In addition to getting access to the talent that you need, you also benefit by not having to deal with the associated challenges that go hand in hand with employing staff directly, such as absenteeism, holiday cover and the like. With a team of highly qualified personnel and resources to call upon, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service possible at all times.

From a staffing perspective, we embrace the TUPE regulation as it ensures that the knowledge and competencies that you have built up are not lost.

Build Better Relationships

By taking away the responsibility for your IT issues, you have more time to focus on meeting your customer’s changing business needs. That awareness will allow you to get closer to your customers, will increase their confidence in your services and unlock new opportunities that lead to higher returns.

Enjoy a Better Service

One of the biggest drivers of outsourcing your IT is the step up in the level of service that you would reasonably expect to receive.

You enjoy full end-to-end network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, backed up with an effective 24 hour helpdesk to provide remote support. Any issues that cannot be resolved remotely are solved by onsite engineers, with all activities defined by a robust service level agreement.

You get access to full tracking, asset management and enjoy comprehensive reporting at all levels, ensuring that we have full accountability for the service that you receive.

By not being caught up in the day to day tasks of running your own internal IT department and being responsible for your own IT infrastructure, you can instead take a more strategic view to your IT, which should lead to better, more informed decisions being made. All in all, you get a more consistent and reliable service that provides you with much greater value for money.

Enhance your IT Roadmap

In the short term, we give you the reliable, faster, fully supported platform that you need to deliver on your promises.

We then work closely with you, building on our wider industry experience and exposure, to advise on the best route forward to meet your changing needs. Your improved IT roadmap will help with your business process improvement and will give you the platform that you need to help facilitate your growth.

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