We are committed to giving back to the environment
and our local communities

Wanstor Staff planting trees in Kingston

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We like to think every business wants to make positive changes in the world, how does Wanstor make a difference?

Because we work very closely with charities and other non-profit organisations in our every-day working lives, we understand this sector and the impact that gestures of help can give, no matter how big or small.

Charitable Work

This year, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with the local communities in and around the Twickenham area, where we opened a new office in February.

February 2021: Wanstor have donated fifty trees to Royal Russell School in Croydon as part of their corporate social responsibility programme.

The trees have been planted within the grounds of Royal Russell to create a peaceful area for reflection for the community.

Neil Cufley, Director of Operations and Finance at Royal Russell School said: "we are very grateful to Wanstor for thinking of us with this incredibly generous gift. The trees will be an enduring legacy here at the School and we know they will be enjoyed by generations of children on their educational journey".

Wanstor donates 50 trees to Royal Russell School in Croydon
Wanstor donates an electric van to Save the World Club

September 2020: We donated a brand new electric vehicle to Save the World Club, a registered charity founded by Des Kay, whose mission is to nurture happy, healthy, creative and resilient communities that respect and live within the planet’s limits.

The charity is involved in lots of activities, most notably though, at the end of every day, Des collects any leftover food from all the local supermarkets and re-distributes it to those most in need such as the YMCA, Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness, Homeless centre, local social housing and community centres, which he needs a reliable mode of transport for.

Wanstor donating a new electric van to Save the World Club

"It’s a dream come true. I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d ever be able to do our work in a new electric van! I’m thrilled as it will make such a difference to us."

March 2020: We pledged during 2020 that we would play a part in helping climate change, and wanted to donate and plant 100 new trees along the River Thames in the Royal Borough of Kingston, with agreement from the local Council.

A team of 20 volunteers from within Wanstor and their friends and families came together on several occasions to dig, plant and protect the young trees, egged on by the support and the cheers of the local community.

Wanstor Tree Planting

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Wanstor are a family-owned business with a strong culture of togetherness. We want all our people to thrive and diversity, equality and inclusion plays a significant role in that. Aside from the policies that most organisations will have implemented, we also have regular working discussion groups where we encourage our teams to share their honest thoughts about D,E & I.

D,E & I for Wanstor extends beyond our employees. We provide IT support services to over 6,000 employees at Leonard Cheshire Disability, who are a charity that supports disabled people around the world to live, learn and work as independently as they choose. Our close relationship has meant that over the years we’ve learnt a lot about disability and the struggles that are encountered on a daily basis.

We wanted to make sure that the provision of IT support services was not one of those struggles, so we arranged for our team to visit Leonard Cheshire to learn more about disability, the potential barriers and how to remove them, and then apply this to the services we provide them. One key takeaway that we implemented straight away was to record a preferred communication method, so if someone now experiences IT issues, we are able to support them in a way that is best for them right from the outset, and overcome a potentially difficult communication barrier.

Nurturing and providing opportunities for young talent

We’ve a long history of working in partnership with Kent University to attract and place some of their most aspiring students within Wanstor to learn more about our industry and provide them with employable skills. We’re thrilled to be able to work so closely with students developing them as interns, hiring them as graduates, developing their careers fully in the IT & Technology sector.

This year we welcomed four new interns, and we currently employ ten staff members who began their careers at Wanstor and are currently carving out with their careers with us.

Being the best version of yourself

We want all of our employees to thrive within their roles and careers at Wanstor and we commit to helping anyone wanting to further themselves through education. We give all our employees free access to Linkedin Learning, and fund many other external certifications.

Company Values

  • Customer focused: Putting customers at the heart of what you do, considering their needs with every decision you make.
  • Proactive: You anticipate and act on potential issues to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Growth Mind-set: You learn from mistakes, embrace change, and seek to continuously improve.
  • Integrity: Do what is right, not what is easy.
  • Great Teams: You collaborate and communicate to achieve the best outcome for your team.
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