Wide Area Networking Services from Wanstor, the IT Services Business.

Having an organisation wide, secure, private WAN offers you the benefits of converging your VoIP, video, data and Internet over a single, interconnected, company-wide network.

Our WAN services efficiently and effectively deliver your data securely, while improving your application performance and simplifying your network management, helping to keep you connected.

Our comprehensive range of business Internet Access and Connectivity services are used as the building blocks to create your optimal wide area network (WAN) to meet your needs, backed by a world-class network infrastructure and our unrivalled customer service and technical support.

Wanstor's Internet Access and Connectivity Options:

If you are an organisation with multiple sites or if you are looking for added resilience, you may find that you need to adopt several different types of Internet Access and Connectivity at different locations in order to create your secure wide area network.

Wanstor will advise you on the best connectivity options for every location that you have and will provide you with the single point of contact that you need for all your Internet Access and Connectivity, as well as organisational WAN needs.

That will allow you to connect all of your locations privately and securely, either as a MPLS or Private Wide Area Network solution.

Wanstor's Wide Area Networking Options:

With Wanstor's managed WAN services, once deployed, we set you up for complete 24x7 monitoring, provide you with access to our 24x7 help desk and carry out regular maintenance services to your WAN to ensure that it continues to meet your needs over time and your circumstances change.

Benefits of using Wanstor's Wide Area Networking Service:

  • We can design and deliver your WAN services quickly.
  • You get access to an experienced and knowledgeable team who are available 24x7.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your WAN has been designed to scale easily and enable you to do more.
  • You enjoy access to our highly available, super-fast single hop switched networking.
  • Our monitoring and managed service helps ensure that your WAN is always available.
  • You can benefit from a single point of contact with full end to end accountably through comprehensive SLAs.

Wanstor's WAN services provide you with an end-to-end managed solution, with industry leading uptime guarantees to ensure that your mission critical connections are always available.

Create a robust WAN to improve your technology delivery.

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