At Wanstor we understand that many businesses are experiencing Wide Area Network (WAN) challenges across operational costs, supplier management, flexibility of services, and general network performance. Some of the common WAN challenges we see in our customers include:

  • Customers paying too much for WAN services which are no longer relevant to the business in terms of consumption or the needs for connectivity for their changing user base.
  • A one size fits all approach to WAN purchasing and design which is inhibiting business performance amongst teams which are highly reliant on applications.
  • Old networking equipment being used and not refreshed to keep up with staff and customer demand for connectivity.
  • Siloed WAN purchasing decisions which have been made without taking into account the wider IT infrastructure demands from other areas of IT.
  • A lack of support in place by suppliers when the WAN solution goes wrong or if an upgrade needs to take place.
  • WAN design which has not started with application and user requirements first, meaning the WAN solution purchased is not fit for business purposes.

Wanstor understands that no two businesses are the same. We offer a range of Wide Area Networking (WAN) services for businesses including:

Current WAN State Assessment

This helps our customers to investigate, discover, document, and audit their branch networks to understand compliance, security, and deployment gaps, think about WAN technology areas which would benefit their business, and help to develop a business case for upgrading existing WAN services.

Migration Assessments

We work with our customers to help them move to another WAN supplier if they are not receiving the service they deserve. Before our customers move we help them gain visibility into their existing branch networks, assess current configuration management solutions, and provide recommendations for transitioning to different WAN technologies and providers.

Managed WAN

We offer a comprehensive WAN managed service to customers. We can help our customers at every stage of their WAN lifecycle from design, to build and proactive in life management by our 24/7 IT support team. As part of this service we also offer real time views of network performance and instant alerts to issues which need fixing on the network.

WAN Planning

We help our customers to avoid common WAN problems and issues associated with major IT projects like cloud migration and data centre consolidation. We offer a wide range of performance assessments, technology audits, and predictive analyses of end-user, network, and application impacts. This gives our customers data-driven insights and recommendations which help them achieve their technical and business objectives.

WAN Build

Our WAN experts guide businesses on how to properly build and implement WAN solutions within their wider IT infrastructure. We work with your IT teams to meet specific technical and business requirements, and provide best practice design, deployment, configuration, and in life management services.

WAN Implementation

To help our customers realise the benefits of their WAN investments, we guide them on how to quickly make new WAN solutions operational within their IT environments, and enable IT teams to better understand the technology which has been deployed as part of a WAN solution upgrade.

WAN Optimisation

We help businesses to continuously review and make improvements to their WAN solutions as their IT infrastructure evolves with different performance requirements throughout the entire WAN lifecycle.

Wanstor Wide Area Networking (WAN) Service Benefits

By partnering with Wanstor for their WAN requirements businesses will be able to support more applications, users, data, and devices and will benefit from:

  • Reduced business risks caused by IT change with predictive analysis of end-user, network, and application impacts on the WAN.
  • IT infrastructure decisions made with long-term WAN and application architecture demands in mind and the avoidance of siloed IT decision making.
  • The ability to create tiered branch offerings, taking application requirements into account, and tailoring a business relevant WAN solution.
  • An improved understanding of where and how WAN performance can be improved based on deep insight into your application and network environments.
  • Optimised WAN technology which seamlessly connects with the rest of the companies IT infrastructure meaning lower operational and in life management costs.
  • The ability to identify WAN SLA’s which actually make a difference to IT infrastructure and business performance, so IT becomes more accountable to the business and is recognised as an enabler not an inhibitor.
  • Critical applications and network services performing at peak levels on a WAN which is secure, resilient and user friendly.

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Create a robust WAN to improve your technology delivery.

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