Welcome back, Hospitality - we’ve missed you

Nicola Moss

But how much of what we’ve missed will return exactly as it was? We recently hosted a roundtable for this sector and here’s some soundbytes for how restaurants will be shaped for the future.

Busy cafe restaurant venue with young people moving around and sitting in groups
Busy outside restaurant space in London summertime

We all know it’s the interaction with the waiting team that makes a great customer experience but recently we’ve looked at giving staff the technology to make that even better. This means using data to deliver a bespoke, individual experience.

Expectations have changed across the board. Some customers want far more automation - others have missed a chat and are fed up with no contact. What both groups have in common is they don’t want to waste time using poor IT or inefficient technology.

German Gymnasium Restaurant interior
D&D London restaurant venue interior

Lockdown allowed us to think and adapt whilst the restaurant was closed and create new ways to improve the customer journey and differentiate ourselves. It’s meant we’re really started to look at how we can innovate.

Restaurant venue interior

Eating out-in is definitely staying put. People have enjoyed being at home and putting the final elegant touches to a delicious chef-prepared meal with friends. The challenge for restaurants is to maintain a high standard whilst also looking after visiting customers.

Technology allowed us to keep in touch and build better relationships with loyal customers during lockdown. We’ll continue this, developing our brand communities with more fun offers, helpful advice, interaction and sophisticated loyalty schemes.

Loungers Restaurant exterior with customers eating
Busy hospitality venue with customers at table

We are working hard to take dwell time to new heights with bespoke entertainment options driven by the technology available in-house and on the devices that people bring with them to our venues.

Loungers Pub interior at night

More and more restaurants will be able to expand their use of technology, as it is becoming more affordable and effectively peer-tested across the sector.

We’re helping thousands of stores with their IT services to ensure they are fit for purpose when finding new ways to delight customers. Come and speak to us about how we can help your hospitality business.