How Cyber Security and Network Security Are Related

Nicola Moss,
Cyber security and network security are closely related, and they will both be important for protecting your business, on or offline.
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If you are looking to find out the difference between cyber security and network security, we’ll explain fully here. You might already be familiar with internet security, but if you aren’t, we are here to let you know the importance of keeping your business protected. We are happy to help you every step of the way.

What is cyber security?

Many people wonder what is cyber security and network security, cyber security is a subset of detailed security that deals with the safety of data at storage and transit.

This is essential to have so you can avoid getting hacked; nobody wants private details they’re storing online to be stolen or accessed by the unknown.

If you know cyber security is the right option for you, you can find our cyber essentials that we will happily put in place for your business. Firstly, you will get a pre-assessment, followed by a submission to IASME and a network security scan.

You will then be ready for the two hour consultation to organise the best security options and we will answer any questions you have.

Basic infographic illustrating core features of Network Security and Cyber Security
Core features of Network Security and Cyber Security

What is network security?

Cyber security systems and networks are closely linked, and you should aim to keep all your networks safe, whether they are online or offline. Network security is a variant of cyber security, it’s a subset that deals with the protection of the IT infrastructure of a business or organisation and restricts access to it. Network security includes hardware and software technologies and will keep a variety of threats under control. If you have network security in place, there will be no chance of viruses spreading on your network and network security is done effectively, it will fully protect the network.

The main difference between cyber security and network security is that network security primarily focuses on protecting a company's IT infrastructure from online threats, whereas cybersecurity protects from internet-connected cyber attacks. Cyber security and network security different options can be discussed with us if you’d like to get in touch.

Difference between cyber security and information security and network security?

There is also information security along with cyber and network, as you can imagine this is more focused on keeping data, files and generally information safe; this could be both on and offline. Information security is the practice of preventing unauthorised access so there will be no disruption or destruction caused to any of your important files.

We hope you now understand the security basics if you were wondering about cyber security and network security. If you would like to learn more about why you need Managed IT Services that are scaled to suit your business requirements, get in touch with us. Our packages are flexible and affordable so you can improve your business as soon as possible.