Wanstor is now Cyber Essentials Plus certified

Cyber Essentials Plus Certified Badge

We are thrilled to announce that Wanstor is now Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Cyber Essentials Plus is the highest level of security certification within the Cyber Essentials program that is endorsed by the UK Government to demonstrate an organisation has appropriate protections against the most common cyber threats. Being Cyber Essentials Plus accredited means we have conducted a thorough audit of our technology, assets, processes and services and ensured that they are compliant with the standards defined within Cyber Essentials.

In recent years, we’ve had a range of success stories taking our customers through the journey of becoming Cyber Essentials certified, and we are looking forward to taking many of them through the process of becoming Cyber Essentials Plus certified as we continue to help give our customers even further protection around the growing threats that are present for organisations, ensuring they are covered extensively against cyber-attacks.

"Wanstor’s Cyber Essentials Plus journey has had a transformational impact on the security posture of our systems", says Chief Technical Officer, Richard Kuczma. "Using the criteria as our guide, we have implemented better controls over our data and improved processes to defend ourselves against cyber-attack.

"Whilst we have held the Cyber Essentials accreditation historically, Cyber Essentials Plus entails an additional step of an external audit so that our customers can be assured that we have implemented and are following best practice for our systems.

"This status also allows Wanstor to start offering assessment of the Cyber Essentials Plus standard to other organisations, further extending our ability to consult and protect our customers. We would recommend that all businesses assess themselves against the Cyber Essentials criteria as a way of taking precautions against the most common cyber threats and when you are ready, being accredited Cyber Essentials Plus provides reassurance to your business and partners that your systems and processes have been independently verified as compliant."

Please visit our website to find out more about how our Cyber Essentials offerings can help enable your business.