Wanstor launches online shop facility
for faster ordering of IT equipment

Wanstor is delighted to announce its newest time-saving solution for its customers - an e-commerce website - for the purchase of a wide variety of IT equipment and licensing.

Wanstor Shop Home Screen
  • Live information about stock levels and best prices
  • Order tracking, next-day delivery on most products
  • Faster fulfilment
  • Frequently purchased items are stored
  • Personalised suggestions for purchases
  • Automatic credit checking

Francesca Lukes, Commercial Director, said:

"We’re always looking for ways to make IT Services more accessible for our customers. In a world where convenience is king, traditional B2B equipment order processes no longer cut it. Our online shop gives customers the power to self-serve for their IT purchases, with the best pricing, faster fulfilment, and next-day delivery on most items. The next step for the shop is to make it personalised to our customers; we’re working with them to create product bundles such as ‘site opening’ or ‘remote worker’ and standardise the products that are shown so that they can decentralise IT purchasing to departments."

Francesca Lukes, Commercial Director

Wanstor’s shop is linked via an API into the world’s largest technology distributers meaning customers can search for products in real-time and see live pricing and stock availability. Volume discounting is baked in, so the best price is guaranteed.

The launch of our shop is a part of Wanstor’s larger Customer Experience program. In the last two months alone we’ve revamped our Support Portal, launched a Net Promoter Score survey (current scoring a fantastic +78), introduced simplified transparent Managed Service bundles, and continued to automate a number of processes behind the scenes.

The wanstor shop is open for business at the following link: